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Episode 8

Welcome back to Hollywood Medium after a one week hiatus that we didn’t know was coming. I wonder if Tyler knew about it. Of course he did! His manager told him. On the way to his first reading, Tyler and his manager, Charlie, discuss how much he has “blossomed.” Now Tyler only gets nervous right before the celebrity client opens the door because let’s face it, it’s awkward when Tyler has no idea who the hell is standing there.

Speaking of no idea who the celeb is, first up is Jenna Dewan Tatum who claims to be an actress and dancer, but really is the luckiest girl in the world! She’s married to Channing Tatum. Yummy! So, let’s do this. (That’s what she said.) Jenna’s mom, Nancy, is listening from the back room. Tyler starts his doodling and gets a message from a cute woman who was a teacher and connected to Jenna’s mom. He asks for an object even though Tyler just said he didn’t need it.

Jenna’s grandmother’s passing was a very distraught and life-changing moment in her life because they were so close. Anytime Jenna and her mom see a bird, it could be grandma. Or it could just be a bird. Grandma acknowledges that Nancy is going to be fine. Get out of the way, Grandma, because a man is coming through whose death was unresolved. Jenna’s mom is freaking out. This man is very direct and wants to talk about Nancy’s birth that he wasn’t ready for. It’s her father, the lone wolf, Dudley. Dudley is apologizing for the self-medication problem he had. Jenna says G-Pa felt ashamed about his mental health issues – as so many people unfortunately do – but was an addict. Dudley’s death was quick and he feels bad for the timing and not being able to say goodbye. Tyler says that G-Pa keeps referencing a calendar. Jenna says Dudley committed suicide. Tyler says he wants his daughter Nancy to have closure because there was nothing she could have done to alter this.

Jenna then brings her mom out to wave hi to Tyler because she has laryngitis. Jenna asks about the calendar thingy. Nancy reveals Dudley was a calendar fanatic and killed himself on the day he was supposed to leave for Nantucket which was marked on the calendar. Spooky! Jenna is grateful for this moment and now that Tyler knows who she is and not just her hot, hunky, gorgeous husband Channing Tatum. Tyler hopes to read Channing one day. Mmm-hmm.

Up next is a reading with actress Emily Vancamp who Tyler might recognize from Revenge or Captain America – or he may not? Emily is a believer and there’s been lots of death in her family so she is excited as to whom might come through and hopes this will be a healing day. First to come through is her grandpa. Tyler says he has the chills and asks if her grandpa was driving past the age of when it would be safe. Emily says yes. Tyler says G-Pa is snapping his fingers which means he died suddenly. Emily says he died in a car accident on the way to a grocery store – but it wasn’t his fault. Emily’s mom feels like the accident was her fault because she asked her dad to go get bacon at the store. Turns out, bacon really is bad for you. Tyler says there’s never a good time to die, but grandpa wants everyone to know he is okay.

Coming through next is Emily’s grandmother who died a year and a half grandpa. Tyler says she’s pointing to her lungs, and the tears come for Emily, shocked that Tyler knows this. She explains that her G-Ma had two health issues and couldn’t fight them both. Tyler says G-Ma wants everyone to know she’s fine and at peace, too, because Grandma and Grandpa are together. But, Grandma wants to talk about the house. She wants it to be kept in the family. Good news, after lots of arguing, fighting and tears, the house was kept – which is a bonus since G-Ma is still residing at the house. What a bummer that would have been to sell the house with Grandma living with complete strangers. Emily feels the reading was perfection and and can’t wait to share the news with her family.

Onto the last reading which is with DJ Pauly D who will sign up for any show. Tyler actually recognizes Pauly, go figure, he didn’’t know Emily Vancamp, but knows DJ Pauly D. Pauly says he’s a total believer because every time he’s had his palm read, it’s come true. I wonder if they told him he would peak at 21. Pauly D is excited because Snooki was wowed by Tyler last season and he is looking for closure. The objects he has are photographs.

Tyler is sweating like crazy as the first relative comes through. A male with a M name. All Pauly D can say is “Oh man, that’s crazy.” It’s Uncle Mike, his mother’s sister’s husband who had an oxygen tank and was in a wheelchair. Tyler says it was important to Uncle Mike to maintain his sense of humor. Pauly D says he was Uncle Mike’s favorite. Tyler stays quiet on that remark. Uncle Mike has a message for his wife – it’s time to move on romantically. Pauly says she has just started to check out the online dating scene.

Pauly is a little let down. It’s not that he didn’t love Uncle Mike, but he wasn’t the person in the pictures. He asks Tyler about his best, best friend Billy who died in a motorcycle accident. Tyler begins doodling. A vision is coming through that the center of balance was not right but he didn’t have time to correct it. Pauly says he’s shaking because that’s exactly what happened? You see, Billy was racing someone and wasn’t able to veer and rode straight into a van. Tyler says there wasn’t anything they could do for Billy. In fact, there was no point taking him to the hospital. Wow. Talk about a splash of cold water in your face. That sucks. Pauly says after this accident he sold all of his motorcycles.

Tyler say Billy is now referencing Kidd Rock, who was his favorite signer, and thanks Pauly for the bike run after the funeral. Pauly says he was wracked with guilt after Billy’s death because they always rode together, but on this particular day, Pauly wasn’t in the mood to ride and didn’t go. Billy says he’s glad Pauly wasn’t there to see him that way and to let go of the guilt. The good news is, Billy is still deeply connected to Pauly and living vicariously through him. Pauly can’t figure out how Tyler does what he does and confirms that Tyler is too legit to quit.

Tune is next time when Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger needs love advice from Tyler because nothing she does is working.

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