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Episode 10

Welcome back to Hollywood Medium. This week Tyler will be meeting with four people which usually means not much happens, but let’s not be skeptics just yet. Maybe lots of things happen. (They don’t.) First up is Becky G who Tyler has no clue who she is and neither do I. She’s a singer and an actress and is the yellow Power Ranger – so if Tyler had been six years-old he definitely would have recognized her. Becky is ready to vibe out with Tyler.

A woman comes through who feels like she’s lived a long life. It’s Becky’s great-grandmother, Guadalupe. Hi GG! Becky says being at GG’s was like being at the YMCA — all the kids were dumped there. GG is at peace and living through Becky. Tyler asks for a non-fabric object he’s supposed to hold and continue his doodling. Becky hands over a frame, face down.

Tyler mumbles the word Tinkerbell and Becky G breaks down and cries. Growing up her room was decorated with Tinkerbell, but unfortunately, her family went through some difficult times and lost that house. And when Becky was three, her beloved cousin Sessy who was the same age passed away. Becky has always felt Sessy is her guardian angel dragon fly. Becky says this reading was everything she could have wanted and more. No word if being a Power Ranger ruins her career.

Next up is hair extraordinaire, Tabitha Coffee, whom Tyler recognizes immediately. Of course it helps he’s meeting her at a hair salon. Who’s hair salon? Remember that mess of housewife from Beverly Hill’s, Eden Sassoon? But don’t worry, Eden isn’t hanging out in back waiting to give an uncomfortably long hug to Tyler. Right away, Tyler hones in on Tabitha’s mom’s side of the family with a V name, but it may be a place. It is! Tabitha’s family is from Victoria, Australia. Wow. I am blown away. I mean who could have looked that up guessed!

Tyler is being shown a monkey. That’s right, a monkey. Could it reference Tabitha’s zoo-like life? Turns out, growing up, Tabitha’s mother’s friend had a pet monkey who she sometime put down her shirt. O-kay. Moving on, Tyler is now seeing a Catholic school and the nunnery. Tabitha says she gets it, but doesn’t elaborate. Thank you, Tabitha! Tyler says Tabitha’s mom is as ornery in the afterlife as she was during her real life. Guess the kookaburra doesn’t fall far from the tree.

But Tabitha’s mom is thanking her for seeing it to the end and says she should have passed away 24 hours earlier but hung on for one more day. Why? Tabitha is tearing up. She explains that her mother Norma died from colon cancer and when she got sick, Tabitha took care of her, but was out of town when she took a turn for the worse. Tabitha came home and was with her mum during her last 24 hours.

Tyler mentions “the dangly thing” and I’m like, how rude. Tabitha only acts like a man. Turns out it’s the rosary beads Tabitha always carries with some of her mum’s ashes wherever she goes. Tabitha is gob smacked that her mother came through from heaven. It’s who she wanted most to connect with and feels this experience has been cathartic. Will she be a nicer person to hair stylists needing help? Hell no!

Next Tyler is meeting with Mischa Barton. Remember her? She used to be on The OC like a million years ago. No telling what she’s doing now, but here’s what she shouldn’t be doing – phone sex operator. Her voice sounds like a man who smokes ten packs a day. Mischa has never had a reading, but is looking forward to how this will go down.

The first connection from the other side is a woman who lived a relatively long life but had a buildup of fluid in the lungs. This is Mischa’s grandmother whom she never met but died of emphysema. Tyler asks what the 21st means? It’s the day her mother was born, they weren’t sure, because it was the middle of the night. Next, a reference to a person with the middle name of Ann. Get this, Mischa’s middle name is Ann. And you’ll never believe this, but my middle name is Ann, too. Hand to God. This means something, right?

A tragic passing is coming through to Tyler who had questions surrounding his passing. This male also had mental issues and was alone during his death. The thing is, if he hadn’t been alone, Tyler says perhaps his death wouldn’t have occurred. Ouch! That’s hard to hear. Mischa says her uncle was placed in a mental home and they don’t know if he committed suicide or not. Yep. He did, but the good news is he’s not mad, so that’s cool. He now has a sense of peace he never had before.

Tyler explains that he is seeing something written over and over and over again. Mischa explains she feels connected to this uncle because she thinks things over and over and over again. Mischa feels validated by this reading and thinks her time with Tyler was amazing. No word if Mischa thinks she’s crazy, too.

Our last stop is with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Tyler doesn’t recognize the face but he recognizes the controversy name. Ryan is not a believer but his fiancé is and the only reason fame whore Tyler is doing this. She’s hiding in the back room. Tyler says there will be an opportunity for a book, but he sees Ryan’s significant other writing it because, let’s face it, Ryan can’t even read. Tyler says she will write multiple books and one will have a relationship tie-in. Ryan is blown away. He says his fiancé is always talking about writing a book. Wow. Maybe she’ll shut up and do it now.

A male family member is coming through on his mom’s side of the family who was the glue. He’s referencing three women. Ryan says it’s his Grandpa the three women are his mom and her two sisters. Ryan’s grandfather doesn’t feel like he had a chance to say everything he wanted to and says there was a lack of closure with Ryan’s mom, but he wants her to move on. So far Ryan’s reply to most things is, “Oh, wow.” and he speaks in a disjointed cadence as if English isn’t his first language.

Ryan’s grandfather is referencing coaching and two medals. Tyler tells Ryan in one instance his grandfather was with him during a big race. Tyler asks if this makes sense and Ryan says, “Oh wow.” Ryan explains he was swimming during this one race, and like he prayed to his Grandfather for like an edge, and boom, during the last five meters Ryan got a burst of energy and won the world record. Thanks Grandpa! But, where were you during that bathroom property destruction thing in Rio? Tyler says the biggest takeaway was the impact his grandfather had and is still with him. Ryan was unable to say goodbye when Grandpa passed, but feels like, “Wow” now.

Tune in next week when Tyler reads more B-listers he has no idea who they are.

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