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Episode 9

Welcome back to Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. What fun will we find today with Hollywood’s go-to medium? Up first is Thousandaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger. And guess what? Tyler recognizes her. Even he says how rare this is. Tyler picks up the object and begins his doodling.

A chain-smoking woman is having Tyler acknowledge gold. Turns out, Patti’s dead mom’s last name was Goldstein. Through Tyler she explains that for a while she thought she would beat the cancer, but it came back. Patti confirms her mom was in remission for a while. Patti misses having her mom to hang out with and ask advice of. She wants Patti to know she was holding on until she could get to Florida and then had a peaceful transition. Patti is genuinely moved.

If you watched her show when it was on Bravo you knew that Patti is adopted. And all her life there was a secret surrounding her adoption. Patti wants to know what was so bad that this information couldn’t be shared. Tyler indicates her bio mom was a paranoid schizophrenia and that’s a very scary thing for a child to hear. Patti’s mom felt she was protecting Patti. Patti is genuinely moved.

Here’s the thing, although Patti can help other people find love, she can’t find it for herself. She needs Tyler’s help. Tyler explains that she attracts people who see her as a Sugar Mama. Tyler says he doesn’t see Patti all alone forever. Sometime in the next two years she will meet her soulmate and be a stepmom to two little kids; a boy and a girl. That’s pretty specific! And scary! I can’t picture Patti as a stepparent. But Tyler says it will happen. Patti is genuinely relieved.

Next, Tyler is on the way to his meet with the client, Adrianne Palicki, an actress from Friday Night Lights and John Wick, but Tyler doesn’t have a clue who she is. Some psychic he is. Adrianne comes from a family of “intuitives” so this is not new to her. She saw her first spirit when she was 11. So why is she here if she can do this?

Coming through first is grandma. Adrianne touches her chest, he’s the real deal. Tyler explains there was a death and a birth at the same time. Adrianne says that her Grandma Palicki was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and held on until Adrianne was born. Five days later after visiting Adrianne was born, G-Ma died. Adrianne is now living out her G-Ma’s legacy.

But G-Ma wasn’t who Adrienne was hoping to connect with. She wants her Grandpa Art, who Tyler nails the name, but thought he was describing someone’s passion for living. Tyler doodles and says that Grandpa Art wasn’t just a G-Pa, he was also like a dad. Adrianne wants to know if he has any messages for her bother. He does! But Tyler doesn’t understand it. The message is, “Tell him he couldn’t save me.” Umm, Ty, that sounds pretty clear to me. Here’s what happened, G-Pa Art had a heart attack on the day her brother was at his house. G-Pa had shooting pains in his arm and sent the 14 year-old home because he wasn’t feeling well. Adrianne’s brother has always felt responsible for not saving his best life. That’s some pretty heavy shit for a 14 year-old. I hope this brought him the peace he deserves.

Adrianne has a quick question – does Tyler feel a presence in her house. Ruh-roh. Tyler says yes, there is activity in the house. Ruh-Roh! Are they saying, get out? Tyler is picking up on two energies in the house. One is a female who died tragically and one is a male who just died some years later. Adrianne says she saw the woman the very first night she moved in, and she seems very protective. Tyler tells Adrianne the spirit doesn’t like everyone she brings home. RUH-ROH! Tyler confirms that neither of the spirits are malicious. Whew! Adrianne feels closure.

And finally we are along for the ride when Tyler meets Todd and Julie Chrisley from the reality show Chrisley Knows Best. Todd is not a believer in false profits, but Julie, being a preacher’s daughter, is. But Todd is a fame hag and will do anything to stay relevant, so he’s in. Let’s get started!

Julie hands over a baseball cap for the object. Tyler holds it and starts doodling. A man is coming through referencing a fishing trip where someone was almost electrocuted. Todd’s mouth drops open. It’s Julie’s brother, Trey. And this story is true and Todd thinks he’s going to hell.

Tyler says that Trey is upset that their father never got over his death. Julie agrees this is true. He was never the same. So how did Trey die? Tyler says he sees lots of question marks surrounding his death. Umm, I’m willing to bet lots of deaths are surrounded by question marks because of our reluctance to let go of loved ones. But Trey is telling Tyler he wouldn’t kill himself. Someone killed Trey, but Trey can’t see the who person is, only the gun. I want Tyler to tell Trey to go look in the mirror, maybe he can see then. Todd explains that Trey was killed by a gunshot wound to the head, but Trey was left-handed and there was no gun-shot residue on his left hand.

Now it’s time for Todd – the non-believer – to hand over his object. It’s a ring. Tyler says Todd’s dad is coming through and he is a funny, direct man.  He wants Tyler to acknowledge his struggle with breathing and taking off his mask. Todd is on the brink of tears. Tyler says his death was particularly hard because he was not prepared. Julie explains that Todd had to make the decision to pull the plug. His dad is thankful and at peace for the decision, but feels bad his children had to make it. Todd says that this was a struggle for him to make, as one lone tear escapes from his duct. His dad passed away five minutes after life support stopped.

Next, Todd’s father is saying, three boys, three boys, three boys. Todd confirms he has two brothers – which no one would have ever known because it’s not like Todd puts everything out there. He is acknowledging two boys are on one side and one is on the other. Todd explains that one of his brothers died as an infant. Tyler explains that Todd’s father says he’s with two babies. One was his child, but the other baby isn’t and wasn’t able to be born. Todd and Julie give each other the, Oh shit, look.

They are shocked because although Julie did suffer a miscarriage, they never shared this news with anyone. Except their doctor and his entire staff. Todd has now converted to a believer, especially after Tyler tells him how proud hid dad is and that Todd has exceeded his expectations. I think Julie says that, too. Todd is grateful to Julie for forcing him to attend the reading. And now he is going to hell in a beautifully decorated hand basket.

Tune in next time when Tyler meets with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte who will believe anything Tyler says.

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