Happy Eclipse Day!

Like many of you, I accomplished nothing today because I was watching the eclipse soar across America on its path of totality. Believe it or not, my favorite part wasn’t seeing the corona of the sun, though that was cool, too. It was seeing the towns go from complete brightness, to complete darkness, then back to complete brightness in less than three minutes. Spooky!

Living in Houston, we weren’t anywhere near the path, though our local reporters, bless their hearts, really tried to get everyone hyped up like we were. Let me paint the picture: In H-Town it is 98 degrees in the shade on this partly cloudy day. That temperature never wavered and the sky never dimmed. Except for a passing cloud. Another problem for Houston – there was a shortage of the protective eye wear. I had a pair, but after seeing a story on the Today’s show Rossen Report, I learned my eye wear was counterfeit and to throw it away. Sure I could have made one from a cereal box, but I knew watching it online or on TV would be way more fascinating. And it was, believe me, it was.

Here’s the good news, in seven years Houston will be in the 90% range for the next total eclipse. Close enough to experience the darkness, but not close enough that people will flock here. And I’m not going to lie, I was a little concerned that while America’s eyes were to the sky, a terrorist could have used this opportunity to attack us. Yes, my mind is a scary place. Thankfully they didn’t, and while watching each city have their moment in the moon, I really felt a sense of togetherness and unity. Something I haven’t felt in months.

So thank you #solareclipseof2017 for gracing us with your presence. Can’t wait to see #solareclipseof2024.

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Happy Eclipse Day! Time to Get Back to Your Life
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