Hollywood Medium

Episode 11

We begin this week’s episode of Hollywood Medium with a knock on the door of Brooke Burns’ house. Tyler says she looks familiar but isn’t sure who she is, and unless he’s watching old reruns of Baywatch, he won’t know who she is. They jump right in and Brooke hands Tyler a million dollar bill for the object de jour. Lots of people are popping in, Tyler says. He feels dirty and covered in soot. Brooke says it must be her grandfather who was a wildcatter (oil man). He is acknowledging his mishandling of the relationship with his son, Brooke’s dad, and wishes he would have given him more atta boys. Brooke is nodding, but not saying much, which I like.

Brooke has a question concerning her grandparents. They died very tragically and no one really knows why these events happened. Tyler begins doodling. He says the message is very tough to convey but it seems as if one person is responsible for the other’s passing. OMG is this a murder/suicide? Brooke explains that her grandfather taught his wife how to shoot a gun and she wound up shooting him. Oopsie. Tyler says there was some mental issues on the part of the wife and G-Pa doesn’t blame her – but did the police blame her? Somebody fill in the blanks! Brooke’s grandmother is coming through and referencing Brooke’s daughter and being with her – but not to worry she’s not cray-cray anymore.

Moving on, Tyler says everyone is coming through at once to convey a message of a near-death experience. Tyler is confused and wants to figure it out, because this is nowhere on the internet. Brooke interrupts Tyler’s mediumism and tells him she broke her neck when she dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool. She had an out of body experience and is now one inch shorter. Brooke describes a black out and then a white out and she felt like an embryo. She could see the pool below and had the thought, I want to go back. Brooke immediately felt pain and was choking on water. She is blown away that her grandparents were there for her in this scary moment.

Next Brooke hands over a picture face down and tells Tyler the name Decklyn. Tyler starts repeating the word, babies. Turns out, Brooke is pregnant and the picture is of the ultrasound. Sneaky, sneaky. Tyler says congrats and tells Brooke baby Decklyn will be a crier. Have fun with that!

Up next is Linda Blair. For those of you who don’t know her, as a child actress her head spun around and she puked green pea soup in the movie, The Exorcist. When Tyler arrives at her home there are pit bulls everywhere. Here’s the thing, the reading is not for Linda and her fledgling career, it’s for some of her rescues. Aww. That’s cool. Tyler begins with Ali. There’s a susceptibility to some growths that will need to be removed again and again. Linda says Ali is one of the last survivors of Hurricane Katrina and she had a tumor removed, but believes more are still there.

Linda goes to get another dog for Tyler. This dog has back problems. Linda keeps interrupting with things like, There you go, You’ve got it, You’re on the right track. Hey Linda, let the boy do his job. Tyler says the issue is still there but will improve, and this dog was kicked and possibly fell down stairs by some shithead male. This was a shorty reading and Tyler says he really enjoyed himself because dogs can’t contradict him.

Tyler is off to Nashville to meet with a client. I’m no psychic but I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s meeting with a country artist. Bingo! I’m right. It’s Brett Eldredge. He’s a self-described “curious skeptic” and is hoping to connect with a family member who didn’t get to see how famous he’s become. Tyler begins and says this paternal figure is referencing, Mr. Fixit, and working on cars. Brett says, “Wow,” his paternal grandfather had an auto service station, however it was not called, Mr. Fixit.

Tyler says there is an acknowledgement of diabetes and being stubborn about where he was living. G-Pa didn’t want to go to a hospital, is apologizing for not going, and didn’t need anyone to hold his hand when he died. He was okay dying alone. Wow. G-Pa is tough. Tyler says G-Pa is so proud of Brett and takes partial credit for his success. Brett says when he writes a song he tries to tell it like his G-Pa did because he was a great storyteller. Brett calls Tyler a “talented fellow” though he doesn’t entirely understand what just happened.

Last up, Tyler is meeting with Shanola Hampton for a reading that was gifted to her by friend Amy Smart. Will Tyler know shit from Shanola? Can’t wait to find out! Tyler has no idea who these women are, and neither do most of us, but onward with the reading. Shanola’s sisters are in the upstairs room and one is a disbeliever.

Tyler is immediately pulled to her dad’s side of the family by someone who was killed. Tyler says there was no closure in a legal sense, more than one person was involved, and it happened very fast. Tyler says he doesn’t know why, but this person is having his back turned. Could it be because he was shot in the back? No, it’s not! Shanola says this individual was peeing on the side of the road and was struck by by a car possibly while his back turned. The vehicle then fled the scene. Good news! Tyler says this will be resolved soon and someone will name a baby after him (already happened). This was Shanola’s cousin Roger and he’s perfectly fine now.

It’s object time! Tyler holds a pair of glasses and picks up on the presence of a woman who made it to middle age, but not farther and didn’t want to die. Tyler says that not everyone got to say goodbye. She is okay with her passing but worried about “her girls.” Shanola breaks down over this terminology and so do the nonbelievers upstairs. This was Shanola’s mother and the main reason she wanted to have this reading. Her mother is okay with her passing but concerned the daughter that didn’t get to say goodbye doesn’t have closure. Shanola’s mother died from breast cancer and died a horrible, horrible death, but her passing brought a sense of peace. Shanola tells Tyler she loves him and the skeptical sister is now a believer.

Tune in week when Tyler gives Kim Zolciak Biermann a reading and hopefully tells them to stop spending so much damn money because their futures are limited.

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RECAP: Hollywood Medium – Season 2 Epi 218
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