Hollywood Medium

Episode 12

We jump right in with this episode of Hollywood Medium when Tyler knocks on the hotel door and immediately recognizes Kim Zolciak-Biermann. Her husband Kroy is with her, but Tyler only knows him from being Mr. Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, not the Atlanta Falcons.  Tyler begins his doodling and starts to laugh about someone choking – which is always so funny. It’s Kim’s Uncle Rusty who was a fast eater.

Tyler says Old Chokey is acknowledging two strokes; one he died from and the other was a “stroke like” experience some one else experienced. Duh. The stroke like experience was Kim’s excuse for dropping out of Dancing With the Stars. Which was the right decision. Tyler tells Kim she’s going to be all right and this will never happen again. But is he talking about DWTS? Kim is happy because she wanted to hear from her Uncle Rusty.

But wait, there’s more. An “interesting man” is coming through for Kroy referencing education. It’s Kroy’s Grandpa Wilbert who was a school bus driver. Hi G-Pa! Kroy wishes he would have connected more with this grandpa in this lifetime, but he didn’t. Not to worry, Wilbert was at the wedding. Remember when Kim’s mom was kicked out for using the inside bathroom? How dare she! Wilbert was there.

Kroy tells Tyler he’s currently not speaking with his parents right now. Kim interrupts to say Kroy’s parents envisioned him marrying anyone other than Kim. Kroy interrupts her to say he doesn’t want to speak for them. Kroy hopes that someday there can be an understanding with his parents. Tyler says maybe and hands over the doodling page because has no other hope to give the reality couple.

Next up, Tyler is meeting with Jaleel White. Who is he? More like who was he? Once upon a time he played Urkel and his famous tag line was, “Did I do that?” said with a nasally voice. Jaleel is not really a believer, but his agent and manager are, and listening in the back room. People are already popping in. First to come through is a female, non-family member that died in the peak of her life.

Tyler asks Jaleel if there are any September birthdays. Jaleel isn’t’ sure, but his manager and agent already know who it is. They say it’s Michelle. Jaleel continues to pretend not to know, even though he does. He thinks Tyler is toying with him so Jaleel is toying back. Can you say, Urkel is a jerkel. This woman is referencing people in the music industry and the letters ELLE. Jaleel tells Tyler to stop messing with him. Turns out, Michelle was his Jaleel‘s costar on Family Matters who died quickly from stomach cancer.

Jaleel is ready for his close-up. Tears brim, he wipes them away, yammering about being a naive child prodigy who didn’t understand death meant the final act. If only…And scene.

The object Tyler is holding did not belong to Michelle so Tyler doodles some more. This woman brings up money that was loaned and not repaid. She wants to be compensated, damnit. In the back room, the manager and agent are yucking it up. Jaleel wants to know who this bitch is that wants his money. It was Jaleel’s original agent who discovered him, but was selfish and money hungry. Tyler says this woman had a great sense of humor and she is very proud of Jaleel. Tyler asks if he wants any personal information and Jaleel says, Hell, no. Get out. (Which, btw, Jaleel did not star in.)

Lastly, Tyler meets with Peter Facinelli, and has no idea who he is. He’s an actor who last was in Wonder Woman, the Twilight movies, and a bunch of other stuff. He starts by offering Tyler scotch. I like this guy!

Peter is curious about what happens in the afterlife. In other words, will he be famous there, too? Tyler is being pulled to Peter’s mom’s side from a brother and sister. Turns out, Mom has 13 brothers and sisters – so it could be anyone coming through.

The object is a toy train given to Peter by his Uncle Luca. He is waiting for someone to die and come through to where he is. Gulp. Peter has no idea who has female cancer with the first letter of C or K in his family. Peter calls his mom because this is freaky stuff. Peter learns that Aunt Carina has cancer is still alive…for now. Peter tells his mom he will call her back with the devastating news later.

Tyler doodles and says a patriarchal man is coming through who felt he lived a long life and is strapping on his boots. Peter is lost again and says he’s never met the person who the belonged to. His name is Alesandro and apologizes for being such a strict disciplinarian. Peter calls his dad to give him the news and ask about the boots. Alesandro response to most of the questions is, “Huh” and “What.” Peter asks his father if he has anything to say to his father. He says, “No, not really.”

Okay! So that’s this week’s recap of Hollywood Medium. Tune in next week for readings with more D-listers beautiful people.

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RECAP: Hollywood Medium – Season 2 Epi 219
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