Hollywood Medium

Episode 13

On this week’s episode of Hollywood Medium, Tyler arrives at JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s house and doesn’t have a clue with whom he’s meeting even though he’s a psychic. JoAnna’s an actress and who was on Reba until the show was canceled, that is. JoAnna is a believer and says her family has suffered a lot of loss recently. Tyler explains that sometimes spirits come through for other people. I’ve found that when Ty explains how something works, that’s how it’s going to go down.

JoAnna gushes over Tyler as she fills his hands with lots of jewelry for the magic object moment. Tyler is like, Whoa, Nellie, slow down. He selects one object which is a bullet. He begins to doodle and says a man who is standing on the sidelines is coming through and he was the most recent one to pass. Tyler says he died before his time but it was natural, in other words, no one murdered him, with the letter JO. JoAnna says his name was John, a pilot, and the father of her sister-in-law, and he died overseas. Stop talking JoAnna.

A different man is now coming through who is apologizing for his non-natural death. JoAnna says this makes perfect sense. But now a woman is coming through. Tyler explains it’s as if this man and woman are now one. In the back room JoAnna’s husband says, “This is going to get emotional, dude.” And with that, JoAnna starts crying and says she’s having an out-of-body experience. No says no, you’re not.

JoAnna explains this was Hector and Debbie who were close family friends. Tyler asks if JoAnna knows who kept taking money from Hector and Debbie like they were an ATM? Tyler says this person was toxic and manipulative. JoAnna says this person, who shall not be named, was stealing from Hector and Debbie before murdering them. Fingers crossed a 48 Hours Mystery is already in the works. JoAnna says it didn’t have to end this way. Because larceny is such a more viable option. JoAnna asks Tyler if it’s okay that she never ever never forgive this person ever. Tyler tells her to forgive only when she’s ready. Tyler explains they are together, but they are very pissed off at this individual and will hopefully haunt him until the day he dies. Okay, he didn’t say that. I did.

For Tyler’s next reading, he is a little apprehensive about being dropped off at a fight studio. It’s MMA fighter Chuck Liddell, and Tyler has no idea who he is, and neither do I. Chuck is a skeptic and looking to see if Tyler can change his mind. We begin with a father-figure coming through who may have tried to remove a tree with his bare hands. This was Chuck’s grandfather and it wasn’t a tree, it was a tree stump. Big difference. As Chuck reminisces about his grandfather, the skeptic’s eyes get watery.

Tyler says that his Grandfather is laughing over Chuck’s ADHD diagnosis because that is so freaking hilarious. Chuck says their family didn’t much care for that diagnosis. G-Pa is proud of the way Chuck protects his kids and his work ethic. Chuck’s biggest regret is grandfather never got to see him fight or that he won the world champion title – which Chuck has now mentioned for the third time. We get it Chuck. You successfully beat dozens of people to a pulp. Yay, you. Chuck says his new challenge in life is to get over being a champion skeptic. Good luck Chuck!

Onto Tiffany Haddish who is a stand-up comic/actress from Girls Trip, so this should be funny. Tyler says she has lots of bossy spirits coming through. For the object, Tiffany hands over a ring. Tyler begins doodling and says the woman coming through is referencing her lungs and says her passing was a relief because life was hard. It’s Tiffany’s cousin Malita who was a real Debbie-downer in life. Tiffany is happy that Malita is now at peace.

Now a father figure who left the family but later returned when Tiffany was all grown up, is coming through. This was Tiffany’s dead-beat dad. But wait, it’s not him because turns out, he is still alive. Tyler says the man coming through is her bio grandfather apologizing for his dead-beat son. You see, this dead-beat dad who abandoned his daughter now wants to come live with her now that he has no other options. G-Pa’s message is to not feel obligated to do a damn thing for this dead-beat. A weight has been lifted from Tiffany and she plans to tell her dead-beat dad to hit the road, Jack.

Tyler’s last reading is with fired Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi Glanville, who never fails to be obnoxious or controversial. Can’t wait! Brandi has never had a reading prior to this, but is deathly afraid of dying and promises her two boys this will never happen to her. For the object Brandi hands over a handkerchief. Tyler asks about dog tags, and tucked inside the handkerchief are dog tags belonging to Brandi’s grandfather. Tyler explains that he died suddenly and even if they were able to get him to the hospital, it wouldn’t have helped. Brandi explains her G-Pa died walking to get the mail – which is just as dangerous as taking a shower. Seriously. Brandi has always been upset she never got to say goodbye.

Tyler asks Brandi if there are other people watching from the other room. Brandi says, “Umm, like living?” A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but Brandi has, so let’s move on to grandma who is in the other room with Brandi’s mom, dad, and best friend, all of whom are living. The message for G-Ma is to take it easy and pace herself. Next Tyler references a funny story about someone falling off a roof. Brandi freaks out and confirms that her father, who are not in heaven, is always falling off the roof. Brandi was very close with her grandfather and called him Sarge and has fond memories of brushing his silver fox hair. Brandi futhee states that as a middle child she was always vying for attention (and she still is) but G-Pa Sarge gave her that attention she soooo desperately needed. Too bad G-Pa didn’t tell Brandi to lay off the fillers. Oh well, Brandi feels better and tells Tyler he’s like human Xanax – which is the compliment every psychic lives to hear.

Tune in next time when Tyler give Dr. Drew a reading that even he can’t explain.

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