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Welcome to the season finale of Hollywood Medium. Let’s hope they saved the best for last. Up first is Lance Bass from NSYNC and Jamie-Lynn Sigler from the Sopranos – which is not a singing group like NSYNC. These two are besties and consider themselves skeptical believers. Tyler lets Jamie-Lynn know right away that people are showing up for her. Sorry Lance!

There are two spirits coming through and they aren’t competing for Tyler’s attention, they’re cooperating. First one up is referencing Florida and babies, babies, babies, adoption, adoption, adoption. Lance says he and his husband plan to start a family this year and the in-laws are from, you guessed it, Florida.

Spirit #2 is coming through and Tyler says is for Jamie. This individual died too young and there is a reference to a sister. It’s Jamie’s brother, Adam, and he still wants to make people laugh. Tyler explains that he feels as if Adam died suddenly and didn’t want to be seen the way he was found. He thanks his sis for the closed casket ceremony. (Gulp) Jamie explains that Adam had a brain aneurism, fell, hit his head, and she found him in a “very compromising” situation. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking he died of some kind of sex stunt gone wrong? (Double Gulp)

Tyler asks about a phone call Adam may have made the day before he died. He was very excited about some plan. Jamie explains she received a text from Adam the day before asking to be picked up at the train station – but she never responded. OMG! Imagine the guilt. That’s a therapy session or two, or fifty. Adam acknowledges his hand being held in the hospital and then letting him know it was okay to go. Tyler tells Jamie that Adam is at peace. Which is the best news ever. Tyler says Adam is referencing dragonflies, so anytime they see a dragonfly it could Adam, and he is watching over her Jamie’s son. Lance and Jamie-Lynn are both at peace and the besties are more bonded than before.

Up next is Dr. Drew Pinsky the addiction-ologist from Celebrity Rehab and his wife Susan. The Doc is a skeptic but his wife has two dozen psychic friends. Susan hands over a box as her object. Tyler says her father is coming through who recently died and they are still in the grieving process. Susan confirms her dad Dennis just died. There is a reference to a beach house. Wrong! It was a bay house. Tyler tells them the house is important to him and he wants to know what they did with it. Oopsie, Dad! Your kids sold it like five minutes after you died.

Dr. Drew hands over his object and Tyler acknowledges a brain hemorrhage around Halloween. Dr. Drew confirms Tyler is exactly right. Tyler says he needs to mention an older living male named Jack who will soon die has a health thing. This is Drew’s dad’s brother. Tyler says to watch his blood pressure and/or his time could be approaching. Then Tyler tells Drew he also has a susceptibility to prostate cancer. Turns out, that was so five years ago when Drew had prostate surgery.

Tyler explains that on the drive over he was getting a reference to twins. Wrong again, Tyler! Dr. Drew has triplets. Tyler is getting a reference to a male with a D name. The triplet named Douglas who had brain surgery at 13 months of age and is now fine. Tyler says Drew’s dad is very close to Douglas and watching over him. So you’re on own your own, twins.

But hold onto your hats, here’s the most exciting part. Tyler says a woman who died of an overdose by mixing two prescription drugs is coming through. This was a strong woman who could out-drink most men and really liked her belt. Dr. Drew immediately knows who this is, and is a little freaked out by that. So who is it? Wrestling champ, Chynna. This was a hard loss for Drew and he says you can’t force someone to take the help. Dr. Drew says Tyler’s skill set is calming and is helping his anxiety disorder. Group hug!

And finally, Tyler meets his last client of the season – whom he recognizes. It’s Lil’ Kim. Tyler is so excited and honored to meet her. Why? Who knows, but Kim says she’s very spiritual and hands over a jacket as her object. Tyler begins doodling and says two people are competing for his attention. This first one is an older female who died of congestive heart failure. It’s Grandma Mary. Hi G-Ma! Kim credits her G-Ma for her strength. Tyler tells Kim her G-Ma is with her and living through her.

But wait, a man is now popping in that died too soon and was in the music industry. He is acknowledging being involved in some current music project and is very happy about it. Tyler goes back to doodling and says soulmate, soulmate, soulmate. Kim’s hands are sweating. So is Tyler’s. The jacket belonged to the Notorious B.I.G. Lil Kim used to always refer to Biggy as her soulmate. Biggy is apologizing to Kim about their arguments and regrets wasting time on silly stuff. Kim says they were fighting real badbefore he was shot and killed. Biggy says he loves her more now and calls her “his girl.” Kim wants to cry but doesn’t want to mess up her makeup that she spent biggy bucks on.

Now to get serious. Kim wants to know who shot the Notorious B.I.G. Tyler is really sweating now. The B.I.G. says it was two people, two people, two people. So I’m confused – was it six people? Kim explains that Tupac had just been shot and Biggy was on edge because he was worried they were coming for him. So Tyler never tells Kim who these people are and maybe that’s because B.I.G. didn’t know. Or maybe Tyler doesn’t know because it’s not available on Google. What matters is that Lil Kim feels this has been therapeutic for her. Tyler introduce Lil Kim to his mother and she acts like she knows who she is, but doesn’t.

Welp, that’s it for this season of Hollywood Medium. I will be choosing another reality show to recap soon, but welcome any suggestions. Thanks for reading!

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RECAP: Hollywood Medium – Season Finale
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