9 Ways Not to Annoy People

Not everyone has to like everyone, but did you know that you’ve got only three seconds before judgment is cast upon you? Researchers call it “thin-slicing” and what it means is within three seconds of meeting you, people have already made assumptions, and one of those assumptions is whether or not they like you.

“Sooner in some cases,” said a male scientist on the team. “Every time I sit down at speed dating, I can already tell whether or not I’m going to sleep with a woman. Most of the time the answer is yes, but I have this saying, when it’s no, you know.”

So what’s a person to do? Turns out we have some control. Paying attention to hygiene, being well-dressed and making eye contact go a long way. But there’s more. Scientists have discovered 9 things you’re doing that annoy people. That’s right, it takes hardly no effort to make people dislike you, however, if cases where you need to make an effort such as getting the guy or that job promotion, these tips can help.

In no particular order:

  1. Humble-Bragging – Darn! This is so much fun. It’s when you explain how tiring it was working at the soup kitchen, dishing out slop for the down-trodden. Save this for the second meeting because it’s important that people know at some point how dedicated you are to the less fortunate.
  2. TMI on Social Media – This is a no brainer. Nobody cares that your sister is having an affair with her co-worker and her husband threw her out of the house, and now she’s living with you, but hasn’t contributed to the grocery bill once. Or maybe we do.
  3. Too Much Too Soon – Yes, at some point you may want to disclose the nose job and/or inability to have children, just not during that first meeting. You don’t want to make others feel the need to be compassionate right off the bat. That’s a lot of pressure!
  4. Asking Questions But Revealing Nothing – If I wanted a session with my therapist, I would be laying on a couch with my clothes on. It’s called sharing, and it’s not that hard, just don’t do so much you become #3.
  5. Posting Too Many Photos – There’s a really cool option on your camera called edit. One baby photo in the park is sufficient, and no, we don’t need all 52 pics of your recent trip to the beach (unless someone is nude).
  6. Emotional Indifference – This is the new term to indicate those who are emotionally unavailable. The ones whose personal emoji is, Meh. You need to give a crap about something – and something other than sports or shopping.
  7. Being Too Nice – Sucks for you people in the south.
  8. Nervousness – This one isn’t completely your fault, but it triggers thoughts from other people like, What are they so nervous about? Do they know something I don’t? Is there a bomb on the plane? Alcohol is excellent for calming nerves, since pills are getting a bad rap right now.
  9. Excessive Followers – Oh please! You expect us to believe you have 1.5 million followers on Twitter? Get over yourself. We all know you purchased those “friends.” You deserve the hate.

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Breaking News! 9 Ways Not to Annoy People
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