Do You Ever Feel Like You’ve Run Out of Things to Say?

That’s how I’m feeling right now, so overwhelmed by the divisive rhetoric in the world, I’ve run out of things to say. My personal emoji is: sigh w/ eye roll. I would threaten to unplug, but that’s an empty threat. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to have a nothing-but-good-news channel? The question is would it catch on? Some people are drawn to the gore; it’s why American Horror Story is such a hit.

I’m probably suffering from writer’s block. I write every day, usually for other people. When it comes to writing for myself I am not as strict with deadlines. And it’s not that I’ve run out of ideas, my problem is the overload of news in this crazy world we live in, my head is about to implode.

For me, it all started with Hurricane Harvey. Even though I thankfully didn’t get any water in my house, it was an exhausting four days of spirit-crushing uncertainty, wondering each hour if our street was going to keep up with the drainage demands. And after Harvey it was Irma, Jose, and Maria – I never want to see those people again! As far as earthquakes go, they don’t get names – they get numbers.

And from there, an onslaught of negative news, mostly led by a man who should be uniting us, but is having the opposite effect. Can’t a person just watch a football game without it being a protest? We are better than this, I witnessed it during Harvey. Our disaster brought out the best in people, unfortunately we can’t live in a state of perpetual disaster.

Or can we? Just think if tomorrow morning you looked out your window to see giant UFO blanketing your skyline. I mean, that’s all we need right now, but just like in the movies, the UFO’s show up around our planet and every nation unites. Of course, America saves the day. YES! No, I’m just kidding (sort of-not really) but I do think it’s in times of disasters we are reminded that people genuinely care about one another. And an alien invasion changes the whole us vs. them designation.

The thing is, when people only want to be with “their kind” it creates an automatic exclusion of others, and at some point, no matter what group you’re in, they’re coming for you.

I guess I did have something to say.

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Has This Ever Happened To You? Running Out of Things to Say
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