Day 20 – RIP Hurricane Harvey

This will be my last piece on Hurricane Harvey. Yay! Let’s face it when another devastating hurricane hits the U.S., yours is forgotten. Damn media. They’re so fickle. But with Irma and the 16th anniversary of 9/11, they have other disasters to cover. C’est la vie.

Things are improving in Houston, and yet, they aren’t. A large freeway was reopened alleviating some excessive traffic, and yet, people still can’t return to their homes. New cars with paper tags are everywhere, and yet, many are still without transportation. Most schools are opened by now, though some schools will not reopen for the entire year. And most tragic of all, we tried to rally for our Texans only to be crushed by Jacksonville Jaguars who would go on to see flooding and devastation in their own home town. The Lord works in mysterious ways, right?

Speaking of the Lord, how in heaven’s name are they – the powers that be – going to disperse all the money that’s been donated to the Hurricane Harvey relief fund? JJ Watt alone collected $31 million (so far) and if you add up all the other millions upon millions, that’s a lot of lives that can be put back together. And while these situations can be wrought with fraud, let’s set that aside for a second and talk about something else: Should some of these homes be rebuilt?

Several neighborhoods have flooded three times in three years. These neighborhoods have become nothing more than retention ponds for the big businesses that moved in next door. What once was the burbs is now ensconced between concrete and glass. These homes need to be bought by the city and/or county and help the families relocate. Flooding will happen again.

I mean it’s not like these homes are going to qualify for flood insurance, so why throw good money after bad? The insurance companies know when to give up. The school of thought is these homes should be built up higher on more concrete even though some of these homes had water in excess of eight feet. That’s a lot of steps to climb to sell Girl Scout Cookies. And what about the streets? They will most likely remain low, so neighborhoods will become an island – no getting voted off unless you have a boat.

There’s lots to consider and discuss, but the problem with bureaucracy is this won’t be solved in time for next hurricane season, and quite possible the one after that. Here’s to a calm climate change for everyone.

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Random Thoughts – RIP Hurricane Harvey
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