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Television has never been better. That’s why the summer’s box office receipts were such a flop this year. How many Marvel comics turned movies can we see? And with the recent Emmy wins, a whole new slew of shows have come to my attention. My next must see’s are: This Is Us, The Handmaid’s Tale and Westworld. For now, there are other shows to talk about that I’m watching. Warning: spoiler alerts are given.

The Sinner – You had me, you had me, you lost me. I was hooked after the first episode. I mean, why would a woman whose only flaw is she doesn’t like loud noises stab a guy to death on a lovely afternoon at the lake in front of her toddler? I had to find out. Turns out, it’s complicated. That’s okay, I don’t mind complicated as long as everything has a reason for being there. And I don’t mind being uncomfortable. A mother’s extreme hatred and a dying sister’s porn addiction – bring it on. The father was a different story. I blame him for everything. Neglect is one of the worst forms of abuse. So is letting your wife blame the older daughter for the younger daughters plagues brought on by God. But the second to last episode pushed things over the edge for me. The exact moment was during the amplified sound of a crack. This is what we’ve been waiting for? Two sisters were having sex, one for the first time, drugged up and in a room with various men? Can you say, cliché? Just kidding, but my comfort level flat-lined. Will I continue watching? Of course. There’s one more episode left. I’d be an idiot not to see the finale. Especially when the creators announced they have changed and/or added to the book’s original ending.

Project Runway – Please vote off the twins already. They’d probably prefer a double elimination, but I want them kicked off one at a time, Claire then Shawn, two weeks apart. That would be so much more fun. It’s season 16 for Heidi Klum and they’ve done something very interesting this year, they’ve included some real women for the designers’ models. Yes! I enjoy watching the designers struggle with real world issues. I confess, I don’t sit down and watch Project Runway when it comes on. I record it and wait until I have two or three and go on a fast-forwarding binge. I watch the beginning to see what the task is, fast forward to the Tum Gun Review, then fast forward to the runway and subsequent winners and losers. Try it! You can take a 90 minute show and compresses it into 35. I don’t care about the drama between the designers, I want to see the fashion. And right now the camera time seems to be squarely on Claire-Bear and Boo-Boo Shawn. How do you tell the twins apart? Claire has hair. The other one does not. The good news is, everyone is all over the place. The winner of the first episode has already been sent packing. There is no standout so far this year, like we’ve spotted in years past, though there are some contenders.

AHS Cult – I love all things Ryan Murphy. I will watch whatever he makes, but this year I am indifferent to his new horror series on FX. The 2016 election was a horror, must we relive it so soon? And what conclusions am I to draw from this? If you voted for Trump you’re an uneducated buffoon who’s capable of violence? And if you didn’t vote for Trump you’re a sniveling cray-cray who sees clowns? So after I watched the first episode, I said to myself, “Self, we are not watching this season.” Funny thing, I went and watched the second episode of Cult because it comes on after Leah Rimini’s docu-series on the other cult known as Scientology. It’s the perfect combo. (More on this later.) So I went back for seconds and didn’t hate it as much. Specifically what I don’t like about it the show is the idea that someone is crazy and no one believes them. Overplayed. Next she’ll probably have amnesia. But sometimes first episodes are dense with information and everything is thrown at the viewer. It’s one thing to be complicated, but it’s another to be confusing, when the goal is to be compelling. Good news! During the second we had a chance to learn more about the main characters and meet the wacky new neighbors who wasted no time moving into a house where a gruesome murder just took place. A good deal is a good deal, people. Having said that, I do not want to see Sarah Paulson, aka Marcia Clark, cry in every scene because she’s not crazy. You is crazy. And one final note, as a parent myself, the lesbian couple’s interviewing skills in regards to hiring a nanny, suck.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath – Leah you are my hero. This “religion” messed with the wrong person. It is my prediction you will succeed in bringing them down. And now that you’ve toned now your pointy long nails, everything is much better. I don’t mind at all when people speak demonstratively. Is shows passion. And I hang on your every word Leah – except when I am distracted by your nails and think, “She could kill someone with those things.” Anyway, it’s all good now and just when I think the stories won’t shock me anymore, they do. Mike Rinder is the perfect truth barometer, but let’s pretend Leah is only telling 50% of the truth (though I believe her 100%) what the “church” has done is still egregious. Kids are not little adults and separating them from their parents is not cool. You know Tom Cruise could shut this thing down with one press release, but he’s so out of touch with reality he can’t see beyond his own bubble. What’s it going to take for Congress to call this guy, Miscavige, to testify before them? They inserted themselves in baseball, why not religion since it enjoys a tax exemption. Yes, I understand, we’ve got real problems to deal with like airlines ripping people from their seats and the never-ending Russian-meddling-election probe, so it may take a while. Until them, Leah, you keep uncovering the truth, we’ll keep watching, and systematically their membership will fall and hurt them in the pocketbook. And you’ll continue to win Emmy’s.

That’s it. Tell me what you’re watching in the comments section below.

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