Loneliness is an Epidemic? Get Lost!

Scientist have been working hard to crack the code to happiness, and during their research, came across “exciting” news about the pursuit of this ever vanishing phenomenon. Studies show that not only does loneliness detract from humans achieving happiness, loneliness is reaching epidemic proportions in these modern times. How can that be when the planet is more populated than ever and we have social media to stay connected? Turns out, loneliness isn’t about being alone, it’s about feeling along. Currently, 40% of Americans report being lonely. How can that be when so many people are working hard to maintain a middle class lifestyle? Turns out, loneliness in linked to illness and a loss of productivity in the workplace costing $44 billion in the US economy each year. Even worse, loneliness can be a predictor of early death.

MCT stopped by a neighborhood grocery store to get the thoughts of this “exciting” news from local citizens. Here are their responses:

Grocery 1


“Duh, people are lonely. My parents have been married forever and are two of the loneliest people on the planet. That’s why when I get married I’m probably going to have a ‘friend’ on the side. The last thing I want to do is turn out like my parents.”



Gocery 2


“When I’m not doing yoga, I’m writing, and you’re never lonely when you have fictional friends. Besides, my yogi hasn’t mentioned this is an epidemic, so until then, I’ll reserve judgement.”


Grocery 3



“Thanks for the tip! Next time I’m hungover and can’t make it into work, I’m going to mention I’m suffering from loneliness. That’ll throw them for  a loop.”



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Breaking News! Loneliness is an Epidemic? Get Lost!
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