Houston We Have a Baseball Team!

When I first heard last year that Sports Illustrated had named the Houston Astros as their pick to not only go to the World Series, but win it, I wondered what they were smoking over there at SI headquarters. We may be #HoustonStrong but we are also #HoustonCursed when it comes to sports. However, it’s time for a much deserved change in who we are. We are citizens who bounce back. We are citizens that deal with shit and move on. We are citizens who deserve a championship title in baseball.

This post season has been very exciting in H-Town and it couldn’t be more fitting that we are playing the Los Angeles Dodgers at the World Series. We have so much in common. We are both very large cities with ongoing  issues caused by someone named Harvey. Both were fat blobs that dumped a bunch of unwanted attention and left people feeling stripped of their sense of fairness and flooded with emotions of destitution. The healing process is slow.


Which Harvey would you rather be stuck with?


That’s pretty much where the similarities end. The Dodgers, whether they were in Brooklyn or LA, have made 18 World Series appearances and have won 6 titles. The Astros have only made one World Series appearances in 2005 and the White Sox swept us in four games. The stinging has finally subsided.

The Astros’ continued advancement has done a lot for Houston’s spirit. It’s like a huge Band-Aid on a still-healing wound. Many people haven’t been able to return to their homes just yet, but they are able to focus on something positive, if only for a time, and feel good about our city. Baseball is a uniter. No one taking a knee.

Also, if you purchased a mattress from Mattress Mac at Gallery Furniture and spent $3K or more & the Astros “win it all” you get the entire purchase for free! Mattress Mac is really a great guy. When the waters began to rise during Harvey, he opened his store without hesitation, and offered his 100,000 square feet showroom, as shelters. Shortly after that, a petition was started to create “Mattress Mac Day” on August 26. Currently there are over 200,000 signatures. Not sure if this will transpire, but I really want everyone who purchased an expensive mattress to get it for free. They deserve it. We deserve it. And Mac has insurance to cover it.

Watching the Astros go the distance has been so much fun. I’ve watched it with friends at home, I’ve watched it in bars with strangers, I’ve texted friends while watching alone. Win or lose, the sense of community over a shared goal is like a warm hug. Of course, winning is way more fun, but it’s nice to share the loss with others. If nothing else, it helps shake it off.


So here’s my Christmas wish: Dear Santa, Please let the Astros go all the way. It doesn’t have to be a sweep. I’m all in on a great series and more time to make history surrounded by friends, but if you could help us win that 7th game, we’d all be very grateful here in H-Town. Thank you.

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Random Thoughts – Houston We Have a Baseball Team!
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