A Night of Comedy – A Night of Wooooooo’s!

One of my favorite things to do is catch some stand-up comedy. In fact, these days I’d rather see comedy than a concert, but that’s just me. So this past weekend I caught Trevor Noah’s stand-up tour in H-town. He’s the very funny host of The Daily Show from South Africa, and he was very funny, but the night was nearly ruined because of a woman sitting behind us, screaming woooooo every other minute like she was at a Guns ‘N Roses concert.

And it wasn’t a quick woo. It lasted around five seconds, and you may think that’s not so bad, but read this: one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand, five one-thousand. That’s how long her shrieks lasted – an eternity if she’s sitting behind you.

I first noticed this 30-ish woman when we took our seats because she was sitting next to a guy, on her phone, her body completely turned away from him. I sized it up as a bad date, but I was wrong. She was waiting for three other women to join her. She didn’t know this guy, but I’m pretty sure he’ll never forget her. Her friends eventually showed up, missing the opening act, and now I know why.

Once Trevor stepped onto the stage it was non-stop WOOOOOOOOOOO’s from this woman, let’s call her Becky. And to be clear, it wasn’t woo-hoo. I was a never ending woooooooo. My husband mentioned it first to me which was weird because normally it’s me pointing out annoying people. But I was feeling generous and thinking if I was doing stand-up for 6,000 people, I’d sure as heck appreciate some positive feedback from the audience. However, I was under the delusion this was early exuberation and eventually Becky would take it down a notch. She did not.

In the rows ahead, people began craning their necks to see who the idiot was who kept yelling woo, myself included. Did this dissuade or pressure Becky to shut up? It did not. And Trevor’s routine was really funny. He was describing the differences in language between our countries. For example: in South Africa they refer to the white undershirts men wear as vests. The first time he heard the term wife-beater was very confusing to him. Trevor said this saying dates back to the 1930’s east coast. Who knew? I’m pretty sure I’m not alone because I thought it came from the trailer parks of the south. However, this revelation garnered an extra-long woooo from Becky.

I was really trying to focus on Trevor. As an avid fan of comedy, I try to deconstruct and learn how they weave a joke. Trevor’s polite accent gives him a lot of leeway to take shots a Trump, racism, and America at large. It was a fun, yet educational hour and a half, and as I repeatedly tried to give him my undivided attention, I heard this from one of Becky’s friends, “Hey that guy behind us said to shut up.”

And the context wasn’t a call to action or a “what a jerk” moment, more like her friend trying to suggest Becky heed this great advice. She did not. Becky continued to make it harder for me, and anyone around me, to concentrate.  Trevor’s type of comedy is storytelling, and I like storytelling if the stories don’t go on too long. And they didn’t because Trevor understands timing. One guess as to who does not understand timing.

As we neared the final 15 minutes of Trevor’s act, Becky’s voice began to strain and a night of wooo’s and was hitting different pitches. One extended woo felt like I was at the dentist and he’d hit a nerve. As I jiggled my finger in my ear to stop the ringing, I said to my husband, “Ouch, that one hit a nerve.” And then from behind me I hear Becky’s friend say, “Um, that lady just said you’re hurting her ear, so maybe…” She didn’t finish and I desperately wanted to finish and say, So maybe shut the fuck up! Becky’s response was, “Aww.” Aww? WTF kind of response is, aww? My ringing ear isn’t like a kitten playing with yarn, but that’s how she said it.

I would love to say Becky was drunk and cut her some slack because you never know when that drunk person will be you, but she wasn’t, which makes this story even sadder. She was just a crazed fan who chose to express her enthusiasm to the fullest extent no matter how much it effected those around her. My question is, we all have a right to a good time, right? But when does someone else’s good time encroach on those around her? When should we say STFU?

Sound off below if you have any creative ways to handle these types of situations.

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A Night of Comedy – A Night of Wooooooo’s
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