Who Brags About “Probably” Being Time Magazine’s Person of the Year?

“Probably” is like “almost” and we all know “almost” only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. But President Trump thought it was tweet-worthy news that he “probably” was going to be named the 2017 Time’s Person of the Year for the second year in a row, but turned it down. We will “probably” never know how Trump arrived at this conclusion, whether an over eager aide told him or he misunderstood the question, but Trump’s claiming  he’s too busy to participate in an interview and photo shoot (but he’s got plenty of time to tweet and golf) so he took a pass. Here’s the tweet that received a firestorm of reactions.


Time magazine’s official response is Trump was “incorrect” in his assumption that he would “probably” be named Person of the Year. But this got me thinking, has Time ever named an individual twice in consecutive years?

Turns out many people have been named twice since Time first began naming the Person (Man) of the Year in 1927. Charles Lindbergh not only has the distinction of being the first ever, he was also the youngest at 25. Mark Zuckerberg was 26 when he won this cover. Wallis Simpson – the American divorcee who England’s King Edward abdicated the throne for –  has the honor of being first woman in 1936.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is three-time winner of the Person of the Year (1932, 1934, 1941), but the only person who came close to being named twice in two years is Richard Nixon. In 1971 he took the honor by himself and in 1972 Nixon was named alongside Henry Kissinger. So perhaps Time was planning on nominating Trump with Vladimir Putin – the BFF issue.

Time has had their share of controversial choices. Who could forget Adolf Hitler in 1938, Joseph Stalin 1939 and 1942, not to mention “You” won the honor in 2006 with a photo featuring a desktop computer. By the way, “The Computer” also won Person of the Year in 1982. Time’s stance on their selection is defined as “a person (or people) who has had the most influence over the news in the last 12 months.” So this person can have qualities of an angel or a devil – just as long as they were in the news a bunch.

So who is (really) in the running for the 2017 top spot? The short list is comprised of 33 individuals or causes that you can vote for. By the way, Trump isn’t “probably” near the top at all. At the time I checked (11/27/17) here are the two vying for the top spot: Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman with 56% and the #MeToo campaign with 26% of the vote. Here are the others named. The * means they have won before.

Steve Bannon
*Angela Merkel – 2015
Carmen Yulin Cruz
Xi Jinping
Kin Jong Un
Lisa Murkowsky
*Vladimir Putin – 2007
Susan Fowler
Sue Collins
Robert Mueller
*Donald Trump – 2016
Maxine Waters
Emmanuel Macron
Hilary Clinton
James Comey
John McCain
Justin Trudeau

Pope Francis

Colin Kaepernick
Serena Williams

Rose McGowen
Ariel Grande
Taylor Swift
Emma Stone
Jimmy Kimmel

*Mark Zuckerberg – 2010
*Jeff Bezos – 1999

Patty Jenkins – Wonder Woman Director
Margaret Atwood – Author of The Handsmaid’s Tale
Susan Fowler – Uber Whistleblower
The Dreamers – Children effected by DACA

If you’d like to cast your vote for Time’s Person of the Year, click here.

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Random Thoughts: Who Brags About “Probably?”
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