What a Week, What a Ride, Houston Astros!

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Yay! My Christmas wish has come true. The Houston Astros won the World Series. I’m not going to lie, it was a tough seven games of pacing and Pepto Bismal, but all is well now. It was interesting, at the beginning of the post season, I wanted to go to the bars and hold watch parties to see our beloved Astros play with strangers and friends alike, but after game three of the World Series, I wanted to watch it at home, alone, with my good friend, beer.

Like aloe vera to a skinned knee, it was cool to have something good to cheer for after everything the city of Houston has been through. But two things surprised me about the World Series. First, that most of America were rooting for us. I had no idea. During the semi-finals against the New York Yankees, it felt like everyone thought they would win (except Sports Illustrated), so when we beat the Yankees, it came as a shock to a lot of people, including myself. But sometimes we live in a vacuum, and after Hurricane Harvey sucked us into that vacuum, it’s hard to take a step back from the bag and see the bigger picture.

The second thing that surprised me was that, according to the announcers broadcasting the games, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the highest payroll. AND WE BEAT THEM! Seriously, I thought the Yankees had the highest payroll. AND WE BEAT THEM TOO! Guess I was wrong, but it goes to show you it’s not about money, it’s about fierce determination. The Astros didn’t just want to win the World Series for themselves. They wanted to win it for their city. A city who has never won the World Series since their formation in 1962. My thinking is the collective good will of the team triggered the angels in the outfield take notice. Of course, having seven games, the angels obviously wanted to be very sure of that good will, but once they saw how much we wanted and needed it, they made sure the Astros bats, gloves, and balls caught fire.

So thank you angels for helping heal our city. Approximately 1 Million fans attended the ticker-tape World Series parade, and I don’t even mind that Justin Verlander missed it to run off with his fiancé Kate Upton and marry her in Italy. He deserved a great week, too. Another perk was being invited onto Saturday Night Live, home of the Yankees, (WHO WE BEAT!) and have the entire world take notice. Jose Altuve proved what a good sport he was by agreeing to sit on Leslie Jones’ lap because “good things do come in small packages.” Not sure A-Rod would (or could) do that.

We now pass the torch onto the Houston Rockets to keep this celebration going. They’ve done it twice and can do it again. Having said that, this year their is so much controversy surrounding football, I have no hope for the Houston Texans after not-stop injuries, to make it to the semi-finals, let alone the Superbowl.

But then again, this is Houston, and we are #HoustonStrong.

What a Week, What a Ride, Houston Astros!
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