Local Woman Invents Canine System to Identify Guy-Types

IDAHO – Are you dating a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd? According to local woman, Elisha Montgomery, there’s a big difference. Having dated “enough in her 28 years to judge” the men she’s come into contact with, Elisha also has a fly-on-the-wall perspective from working at bar for the past five years. So how did this breakthrough occur?

“One day I was volunteering at the local animal shelter,” explains Elisha. “And it was as if I could see some of the guy’s I’ve dated in the dogs. There was the all-bark-no-bite type, the trip-over-their-paws type, and the type that just wanted to sniff my hoo-ha.”

Did her epiphany end there? No it did not. Elisha got to work and jotted down breed similarities with male types in an effort to determine what she was looking for in a mate. And not just for herself, but to share this exciting new information with friends.

“I’ve got this one girl friend who likes guys that are the strong, silent type. She needs to look for a Great Dane. And I’ve got another friend who likes a guy that will shop with her. Obviously a Poodle or Collie is her best bet.”

So what’s Elisha up to these days, besides helping her besties find their canine soulmates?

“I never thought this would happen to me, but I’m dating a Pitbull. What can I say? I’m pretty confident my love can save him.”

Local Woman Invents Canine System Boyfriend Code #FlashbackFriday
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