Random Holiday Thoughts – Meet Our CBC Tree

Guess what we did this weekend? Shopped for a Christmas tree! For the past ten years we’ve had a fake, 9ft, pre-lit, noble fir that unfortunately would no longer pre-light. During the last three years alone we’ve wrapped strands around the sections that went out, but last year was the worst. After making sure the lights were working, they decided to stop working AFTER I decorated the entire tree. It’s like they went on holiday strike. I had to pull off all the ornaments, find the bad connection, ad new lights, and then redecorate. I was done. Bahumbug, good riddance, merry Christmas and goodnight.

When the holidays rolled around this year and I realized the 9ft, pre-lit, “forever” tree I wanted would cost a freaking $400, I was forced to rethink things. Amortized out, the tree was only $40 per year. And yes there are cheaper fake news trees, but this one looked real and could change from white lights, to color, to both or blinking. It was the Cadillac of fake trees. The tree did not spin around, because why? Who the heck wants to create more work to get a full 360 degrees completely decorated when you could just get 3/4?  Am I right? But the thing was, I didn’t want to fork over $400 on a tree this year. I set my budget at $120.

I wanted a small, real tree, kind of like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. You know the kind, put a few ornaments on it and the tree bends. And if we got it flocked, it hopefully wouldn’t be as depressing. The first nursery we went to didn’t flock their tress. They didn’t get on any high horse and tell us we were ruining Mother Earth by getting a tree that couldn’t be recycled, however they did say were the 5th person that day to ask where the flocked trees were. And thank baby Jesus for Google because we were able to find a nursery not too far away with flocked trees and a $6 coupon. Challenge accepted to find the best CBC tree for our family.

Of course, in an effort of due diligence, we decided to check out the fake trees at the At Home store. First mistake: going to this place on a Saturday. The line was forever. I secretly hoped we wouldn’t find anything we liked. The best deal was a 9ft, pre-lit for $250. The lights didn’t change colors and the white was dull, sort of like solar lights, which is probably why it was a “bargain.” There was also had a nice faux flocked pre-lit tree, a little thinner, for the same amount of money, but I knew around year three or four, I’d be sick of flocking. So what to do?

We took our $6 coupon, drove to the other tree lot and happily chose a 5’ 7” flocked tree. Sure it leaned a little to one side, but that only gave the tree its charm. And sure my daughter laughed at it because we had to put it on a table to make it appear taller, but it was on budget, so it’s 10 feet tall.

There’s something simple about our CBC tree. It practically screams this year’s reason for the season is not to over-indulge. Let’s just hope I can stick to that, but next year I’m sure I’ll break down and buy the fake tree, but it’s nice to have a real tree in the house after all these years.

Random Holiday Thoughts – Meet Our CBC Tree