Breaking News! Can Sex Sway Our Secrets?

Stop the presses! A recent psychological experiment was conducted producing “exciting” results when it comes to divulging our most embarrassing secrets with the use of sexual propaganda. How did they do it? Participants were shown erotic imagery to see if this promoted people to open up about past sexual situations – and it worked!

“I was super excited to get picked for this experiment,” explained one participant. “In fact, I made it perfectly clear they could call me back again and again for more embarrassing stories.”

What did researchers learn? Turns out, sexual desire is a visceral gauge of romantic compatibility. But the fascinating knowledge didn’t stop there, sexual desire is also what motivates individuals to deepen a relationship. But there were a few caveats. In order for women to feel closer to their male counterparts, they first needed conversation to stimulate sex. Conversely, the male groups needed sex first to stimulate conversations.

“It’s a never ending cycle,” explained a researcher. “And that’s why I carry note cards on my dates for go-to conversations, even if they have nothing to do with my real life experiences.”

Here’s the takeaway, the data showed that the sexy ambiance of a first date makes people more talkative. But, it’s important to be aware if sexual arousal unleashes your inhibitions because this can produce adverse effects when exposing too much, too soon about your sexual history.

“Yeah, learned this one the hard way,” said a male participant. “After revealing I liked it when women peed on me, I could tell by the shocked look on the female scientist’s face I wasn’t going to get a date with her.”

Something to keep in mind, listening can be very sexy – but you have to put your smartphone down and actually pay attention to the person sitting across from you for it to work.

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Breaking News! Can Sex Sway Our Secrets?
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