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An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks – If the Treat is Worth It

Old Dog New TrickMany scientists have claimed over time that by the age of 30 one’s character is set in stone. Our personality traits, such as the way we think, feel and behave, are most pliable in adolescence, but by the time was have reached that third decade, our identity is formed and no longer flexible.

Not so, says “exciting” new research. Turns out, our neurons are still able to “forge productive alliances” in response to new experiences, both positive and negative.

“Of course, the older you get, the slower you get with everything, including change,” explained one scientist. “That’s why I just plan to give in to being an old curmudgeon by the time I’m 70. Hell, I’ve earned it by then.”

Change is never easy, and it certainly requires a degree of courage, but sometimes in life we are required to evolve. If fact, the desire to go after our dreams is deeply rooted in existential fears. Uppermost is the fear of disappointing oneself – or others – for not accomplishing a goal; and this is a huge motivator for change.

“I once wanted to change how I always drove fast in my fast cars,” said a participant in the research, “and was able to accomplish this change after my driver’s license was revoked. I’m proof change is possible.”

The good news is there are only 10 Rules for Reinvention – and since January is the best time to reinvent oneself (or every five years if you are Madonna) here are the rules in no particular order – with a treat on the side.


Their Advice: Accept the temporary discomfort of uncertainty that change brings

My Advice: Accept a bottle of wine to aid temporary discomfort


Their Advice: Don’t beat yourself up for a problem; it serves a purpose

My Advice: Beat up a couple of limes and place them in your Margarita


Their Advice: Keep friends around; they’ll lift up your mood

My Advice: Keep friends around as your drinking buddies


Their Advice: Acknowledge the fear of failing to meet a goal

My Advice: Acknowledge that fail with a glass (or two) of Prosecco


Their Advice: Engage in any activity that boosts faith in yourself

My Advice: Engage in any activity that boosts alcohol in yourself


Their Advice: List the pros and cons and inventory the possibility of change

My Advice: Skip this; you either know it or you don’t


Their Advice: Align your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with your goal

My Advice: Align your shot glass, salt, and lime with your mouth


Their Advice: Prepare in advance ways to counter feelings of frustration

My Advice: Do I even need to answer this one


Their Advice: Stay attuned to the dream; give yourself reminders of the goal

My Advice: Stay attuned to new cocktails; give yourself a taste of the drink


Their Advice: Break your goal down into small, specific steps

My Advice: Don’t make cocktails that have more the five steps


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Breaking News! An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks – If the Treat is Worth It
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