Relative Success

Relative Success

The Family Stone

Episode 2

Tabatha is back, forcing her will on another family. This time it’s the “world renowned” jeweler Michael Bogosian. He died over two years ago from a heart attack, leaving his widow and four sons in disarray, and his legacy is about to buried six feet under if this family can’t get it together. Tabatha has three weeks to help these family members’ get their heads out of their asses.

Aida is Michael B’s third wife, they were married for 29 years and they had two boys together, plus there are two boys from his previous marriages. Since Michael B’s death, sales have dropped, the website is outdated, and Aida feels that she’s not getting 100% support from any of the boys.

Enter Tabatha. Right away she’s not pleased with son Arthur who is wearing a ball cap and an over-sized button down. She ponders, “Is he selling diamonds or pawning them.” Maybe both. Aida joins the conversation and dismisses Arthur to go take care of a menial task – which is what his job title would be if he had one.

Michael B is the wholesale jewelry business and Mathew’s is the retail store. Aida says the whole world should thank their company for bringing platinum metals back to life. Thanks Aida. So glad we can drop more $$$ because of you. Aida explains that when Michael B was still alive they had lots of staff, but after the funeral, she was forced to let most everyone go. And it’s all Brian’s fault because he’s not her son drumming up new business. Brian is now in charge of marketing and sales, and admittedly in over his head.

Tabatha takes a look at the books. The company is making $4 million in revenue per year, but their overhead and inventory is eating up most of the profits. If they keep this up their won’t be a business to fight over. Next, Tabatha asks Brian if he has a moment to chat. He’s got several! For starters, Brian thinks Aida resents him because he has a passion to carry on the legacy, something her children don’t have. Brian then throws his half-brother Michael under the bus for not handling the social media like he was supposed to be.  Tabatha is invited to dinner to meet the rest of the family.

So what’s being served for dinner? Plenty of grudge-loaf with a side of animosity. Matthew is the oldest, and the store was named after him. He explains that up until five years ago he was a vice-president, but Aida pushed him out, feeling her kids weren’t getting their fair share. Matthew went on to become a divorce attorney and is doing very well, thank you very much. Tabatha asks when the last time the family has gotten together like this – it will surprise no one it has been since Dad died.

Matthew has a gripe. He says Aida has been hording all of their father’s belongings. He would like a memento of dear old dad, but Step-Mommy-Dearest won’t hand anything over – not even to her own kids. Aida slams the jobs her step-kids are doing and praises the job her kids are doing, even though one quit.

Aida tells Brian she’s at the office longer than he is. Well, duh, woman. It’s now your company to run. Your bon-bon-eating days are over. So what does Tabatha think? She says they all have their heads up their asses and calls Michael out for being a momma’s boy. She tells the boys to man-up.

The following day Tabatha presents her action plan. The business is down 25% so Tabatha assigns the jobs. Brian is to increase promotion and mentor Arthur. Matthew is to show up at work. Arthur is to dress professionally and not wear a ball cap. Matthew balks at the plan because his plan is to grow his hair long so that he can donate his locks to men with cancer who want awesome hair. Michael’s plan is to handle marketing – like he was supposed to be doing all along. Michael balks as well. Funny that Aida’s kids are the only ones complaining.

Tabatha lets Michael have it, but Aida sticks a pacifier in his mouth and defends him for his sucky attitude. When Tabatha tells him to man-up and do it, Michael finally relents. His enthusiasm is not contagious and I want to drop kick this punk.

Brian and Arthur are working well together as Brian explains all of the top selling engagement rings. The two will be making a sales pitch together. We also learn that mom’s favorite, Michael, has been a no show. Matthew stops by with a plan for the Michael B line, and Aida hates it because he’s not her son. Tabatha tells them they each have valid points and to “lead with the hero.” Whatever that means.

It’s makeover time for Arthur! Tabatha makes a dig at his brother, Michael the no-show, and Arthur totally agrees with it. Tabatha pushes the stylist out of the way and Takes Over. Arthur’s curly hair is now straight and there’s no way this kid’s going to do that on a daily basis. When asked how he feels about his hair, Arthur says, “It’s different.” Wow! Is it? Such a way with words, this one.

It’s time for the pitch. Brian tells Arthur to watch and learn and shut up and let him do the talking. Tracy Allen is the client and she likes the rose colored rings. Brian gives a great pitch, but Arthur doesn’t do as he’s told. He says, “I think we have something very special.” Really? Hey Arthur, who cares what you think! But he saves it by speaking of his father’s integrity. Tracy says this was a great introduction and who knows, maybe it will lead to a real sale.

It’s day 13 and Tabatha stops by Aida’s house to hear the plans. Michael has been a slacker due to a “hurt ego back.” Tabatha is tired of this “fuck weed’s” excuses. So does he have any strategy? Not if you think handing out information that’s several years old. He did write a mission statement, but flubs it and says that although he can build a website, he’d rather not. Tabatha thanks him for nothing. Mommy’s proud, though. It’s Brian’s turn and he upstages the educated Michael hands down. Step-Mommy Aida even says he did a great job – and the Earth didn’t break. Tabatha points out that Brian has passion and Michael does not. Michael asks where the punching bag is he’s to wear because he’s not the kind of person that Tabatha can communicate with. Finally some passion!

Tabatha’s 21 days are over and Aida admits this was a good experiment. She makes a symbolic gesture by offering the boys watches the belonged to their father. No word if they’re allowed to leave the premises with the watches. Three months after filming, the Bogosian family has been working on a marketing plan, including a new website design. After Tabatha left, Matthew’s and Michael B’s had their biggest sales month in over a year. Aida is now looking to hire additional help with both companies.

Tune in next week when Tabatha helps out a family business who sells Orthodox clothing and to learn – WTF is Orthodox clothing?

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RECAP: Relative Success with Tabatha “The Family Stone” Epi 2
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