Relative Success with Tabatha

Who’s ready for some Taba-Therapy?! Here at My Comedy Therapy we are all about therapy, and who better than to give it to use than the straight shooting, no-nonsense, sometimes cruel, always entertaining, Tabatha Coffey. Her new Bravo show Relative Success with Tabatha brings her talents of bossing others around to the “complicated world of family business.” Drinking game alert! Every time Tabatha makes someone cry, take a shot. As we say here at MCT, laughter is the best medicine…so why not take a shot, or two, or three. The fun begins on Wednesday, January 17, at 10/9 (c) on Bravo. And if you’re too busy to watch, come back here on Thursday for the comedy recaps – because we watch reality TV so you don’t have to!

Relative Success with Tabatha – Coming Soon
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