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Each year when New Year’s Eve rolls around, we often make resolutions to improve our lives. And by now, 8 weeks later, most of us have ditched those new habits and resorted back to our old ways.

Psychologists recommend in order to be more successful, we should deconstruct the new goal we want to achieve to better understand our motivation. Whether it’s exercising more or drinking less, learning why we want to make a change can help us sustain that change. So let’s give it a try. Presenting…

Top 10 Tips to Get Healthier And Ways Around It

  • Walk Every Day – Does it count that we walk to the refrigerator or the mail box? Walking seems so easy on the surface, but factor in the weather and suddenly walking is a pain. It’s either too hot, too cold, too humid, too bright, or too wet.  It’s the Goldilocks paradigm: we need walk when it’s just right.
  • Say Thank You – I say it all the time! Living in the south, thank you is part of the first five words we’re taught. Here’s real the problem – people don’t say “you’re welcome” anymore. Ever notice that? If you’re watching the news, they’ll say thank you to the guest and then guest will say thank you back to them. “Your welcome” has gone the way of the Latin language.
  • Pay Attention to People Instead of Social Media – Good luck if this is your goal, but here’s a very good reason why this is so important, humans can’t multi-task. A few weeks ago I was eating at an outdoor patio, people watching. A girl was looking at her phone, not where she was walking, and didn’t notice the curb. She fell down. And pedestrian fatalities are why up because people are getting hit by cars when crossing the street. Pay attention, people!
  • Cook at Home – Ha! This is a funny tip. Of course, cook at home. Are you going to cook at a restaurant? No. Unless you’re at a fondue place, the chefs usually frown upon you cooking in their restaurant. But this is true, when we cook at home we generally have less calories. Just eat at any Benihana’s and see how much butter they use. For those who aren’t comfortable in the kitchen, two words: Blue Apron.
  • Spend Time Outdoors – So true! If you live in the city, get to the country as much as you can. Seeing more stars and breathing less smog is truly great for the body, mind and spirit. However, if you already live in the country, go to the beach or go to the mountains. Mix it up.
  • Ditch Sugar Soda – Some experts believe sodas are the silent epidemic. It’s why so many people have Type 2 diabetes, weight gain and rotting teeth. But it’s very difficult to give this up entirely. My advice is to manage your soda intake. For example, when you order a Jack and Coke, you’re cutting back on soda. Same with vodka tonic. By adding alcohol to your beverage you diminish the amount of soda in your body. Problem solved!
  • Make Sleep a Priority – No question, you’ve got to get your ZZZ’s. The recommended amount of shut eye for adults is 7 to 9 hours. The number one reason (in my opinion) to get more sleep is if you’re sleeping, you’re not eating. Therefor, sleeping helps you lose weight. Consider yourself very lucky if you work for a forward-thinking company who has a “nap room” on the premises.
  • See Your Doctor Regularly – Okay, let’s get real. It’s hard to go to the doctor when you’re sick, but “experts” recommend go when you’re healthy? And I’m sick to the death of the “just like a car needs to go into the shop” analogy. I’m not putting myself into the “shop” when I don’t need to. Plus, where’s the easiest place to contract an illness? The doctor’s waiting room! But we can all agree, go to the doctor when you are sick.
  • Limit Your Sun Exposure – Gasp! Say it ain’t so. Unfortunately this is very true even though my younger self believed that sun damaged skin was something that happened to other people. How could a few (million) harmful rays detract from the wonders of Vitamin D? Here’s the compromise, always wear sun screen, even in winter.
  • Look on the Bright Side – This should be number 1! Be the glass is half-full kind of person. Make lemonade from lemons. Put on your rose-colored glasses. Always look for the silver lining! These are just a few of the tattoos I’m thinking of putting on my ass.

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Breaking News! Know the Rules So You Can Say No to the Rules
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