Michelle Wolf: 5th Woman Tapped to Host White House Correspondents Dinner – Who Dat?

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On the last Saturday of April, the White House Correspondence Dinner is held at a fancy hotel, attended by fancy political journalists and Hollywood types. If you’re lucky, maybe the President of the United States, too. The organization started in 1914, however the dinners didn’t begin until 1921.

In WHCD’s nearly 100 years of existence, only five female comedians have hosted the event. Six women in total have been the slated as the “performer” if you include Aretha Franklin. The truth was, Brian Williams, the leading nightly news anchor was the “comedian” who performed that year.

Remember him? Personally, I lost respect for the guy when he hosted Saturday Night Live. Don’t get me wrong, Williams was good, but I need to trust the guy telling me what disasters are lurking in the world, so pick a lane, dude. And now that Williams is not on prime time, even after the thinning of the crowd due to the #metoo movement, maybe now he should give comedy a try. But I digress.

I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that five women have been selected to host at all. Women weren’t even allowed to attend the dinner – even though WHCD happily accepted their dues – until 1962 at the urging of Helen Thomas who asked President John Kennedy not to attend if women couldn’t. It worked! Way to go, Helen.

Back to Michelle Wolf. I had never seen or heard of her, so I did some research. Wolf currently writes for the “Daily Show” and looks-wise, some similarities can be drawn with the red hair and whiny voice of Kathy Griffin – but hear this – on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being fingers down a chalk board, Wolfe’s voice is a 12. But she’s also a 10 on the laugh-o-meter, where Griffin is only a 6.

I watched Wolf’s HBO comedy special called Nice Lady which dropped December 2017. Without question she’s funny and I like that she wasn’t actually a nice lady. When it comes to her political comedy style, she’s an equal opportunity insulter. According to CNN, the WHCD chose Wolf because of “her Pennsylvania roots, stints on Wall Street” and in science, saying she has the “feminist edge” which makes her the right voice, right now.”

I’m sure that’s an insult to Chelsea Handler, who has never been chosen, but Wolf has a better balance with her type of story-telling humor, However, fingers crossed Wolf keeps the 5 minute bit on her period out of routine at the WCHD. Something tells me this isn’t the crowd.

If you’re wondering who the four female comedians (and one singer) were, wonder no more.

Paula Poundstone – 1992              Elayne Boosler – 1999

Wanda Sykes – 2009                        Cecily Strong – 2015

Aretha Franklin – 1999

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Michelle Wolf: 5th Woman Tapped to Host WHCD – Who Dat?
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