Kiss of Death for Relative Success

Relative Success

If you’re wondering what has happened to Relative Success with Tabatha, she has been given the kiss of death by Bravo. So far only four episodes have aired, then her show was placed on a three week hiatus and is slated to return March 2, on Friday nights. Bravo’s top shows are viewed Sunday – Wednesday. Nobody will watch this unless they DVR it.

From the beginning I have questioned where the feisty Aussie we grew to love/hate had gone. Had age mellowed Tabatha or did she realize she was out of her depth telling people how to run their family businesses? The show isn’t must-watch TV, more like meh-watch TV.

It was different on Tabatha Takes Over. She was mean, strong, fierce and meant business. Tabatha knew how to turn things around in the salon and spa industry and wouldn’t hesitate to tell an owner if they were ignorant, rude or lazy. On Relative Success she’s a little more, dare I say, respectful. And that’s why I think no one is tuning in.

So I have decided to follow suit with Bravo and abandon ship. Starting next week I will return to an old faithful of My Comedy Therapy and post the comedy recaps of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry which airs on E! TV on Wednesday nights. If you believe in this sort of stuff or not, it’s kind of fun – especially when I’m done with them. So check back here on Thursdays for the comedy recaps of Hollywood Medium.

Sorry I picked a dud with Relative Success.

Status Update for Relative Success with Tabatha