It’s Super Bowl! Time to Eat, Drink, Watch Commercials, and Oh Yeah, Football

Did you know money spent this year’s Super Bowl parties will surpass $15 billion. That’s a lot of nachos and beer! The average person will spend around $200 on their party, but that’s a pretty small party. Even if your friends bring a dish to share, as they should, the cost is probably double that. It adds up fast. Beer, wine, sodas, chicken, beef, pork, chips, dips, paper goods, decorations. And if you’re betting on the game, even if it’s just squares, you probably figure that in, too.

In years past, many of the big games have been snooze-fests and it’s been the commercials we look forward to watching. For me, it’s the other way around this year. I’m looking forward to seeing if a 40 year-old Tom Brady can win his 6th Super Bowl title against the 29 year-old, second string, Nick Foles (from Austin, Tx!). I cannot wait. But the preview of commercials haven’t been anything to get excited about except for Tiffany Haddish’s commercial for Groupon. The comedian allegedly took Will Smith and Jada Pinkett to dinner using a Groupon and the power duo had no idea what Groupon was. This story went viral, and when Groupon learned of it, reached out to Haddish. Ka-ching! Who doesn’t know what Groupon is? The uber rich, that’s who, hence the tone of the commercial.

Super Bowl commercials should be required to have an animal in them, preferably a puppy or Clydesdale (or both), but just about any kind makes for a good commercial. Typically we can count on Budweiser, but this year they’ve decided to focus on the great job they did providing water, not beer, to states effected by last summer’s hurricane season. Way to pat yourselves on the back, Budweiser!

In the meantime, drink whatever you want! There are three times a year we’re allowed to get drunk, am I right? Our birthdays; New Year’s Eve; and Super Bowl Sunday. (Or bonus-the Astros winning the World Series.) The following Monday after the Super Bowl is the number one day to call in sick and a reported 1.5 million Americans won’t make it in to work. So why not have this day as a national holiday? Let’s get real and switch this day for Columbus Day, since the guy didn’t discover America anyway.

As for the halftime show with Justin Timberlake – I will reserve judgment until I see it. A lot of people are up in arms that he didn’t invite (that we know of) Janet Jackson to perform with him since the last time they performed together resulted in #boobgate at the 2004 Super Bowl in Houston. I live here and remember being really annoyed by this nip slip and felt they were both culpable. How could they not? It’s not like Janet told Justin, “Hey dude, rip the fabric off my right breast and underneath will be another piece of fabric. Won’t that be exciting for the viewers? Two pieces of fabric?” I honestly don’t care that Justin Timberlake didn’t invite Janet Jackson, but he better keep it in his pants.

It’s Super Bowl! Time to Eat, Drink, Watch Commercials, and Oh Yeah, Football
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