Stormy Daniels5 Takeaways from the Stormy Daniels Interview

  1. They only slept together once. Why did I think “affair” meant more than once? Here’s the thing, it doesn’t make it right, but that’s Trump’s marriage, not mine. I would think Playboy’s Karen McDougal’s alleged claim of a 10-month “affair” would be more damaging to his base, but no one cares about her. It was much more salacious to hear Stormy’s account of spanking the bad-widdle-boy, telling us she wasn’t attracted to him, but slept with him anyway because she’s not a “victim” she’s a porn star. The fact that Trump didn’t wear a condom, made me cringe, not going to lie.
  2. She’s a mom? It never really crossed my mind that Stormy Daniels had a child. I don’t spend my days wondering about Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels, but now that I know this, it takes a different spin. It personalizes things. It makes me care. So I’m not going to slut-shame Stormy for her career choices, but as a fellow mom, there’s going to come a day of reckoning when her daughter rejects the “do as I say, not as I do” status quo. Probably around the time she becomes a teenager.
  3. It’s not the crime, but the cover up. If Richard Nixon could sit down with Donald Trump, what do you think he’d say? Get out in front of it? Or deny, deny, deny? These two Presidents have a lot in common. They both had thin skins. They both hated the media. They both thought they were the smartest person in the room. But this hush money Stormy received is a problem. At best, alleged thug attorney Cohen will take the fall, but something tells me this guy is like a rat on a sinking ship and that ship is named: Watergate II.
  4. Attorney Michael Cohen is a thug (allegedly). Whether you believe Daniels’ claim or not that she was intimidated by Cohen into signing the documents, and by an unknown male she would recognize anywhere if she saw him again, there have been other’s who’ve made similar claims about Trump’s fix it guy and his less than ethical tactics. However, journalists have pointed out that 60 Minutes and Anderson Cooper could have done a better job to corroborate these claims. In fact, apparently nobody called NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice to see if Trump really tried to get Stormy Daniels on the show. Jenna Jameson, other famous porn star, was on the show. Her advice to Daniels was she should have kept her “trap shut.” Um, which one?
  5. Is this really news? It is and it isn’t. Stormy seems credible because she has much to lose, and yet, for a very long time she’s been denying any “affair.” The question is: does relentless outside noise impede a person from carrying out the duties of the office? You would think it would, but they say Trump thrives on chaos. So until the dots are connected between campaign finance impropriety and Trump, or Russian collusion and Trump, we need to continue moving forward. How we do that, I’m not exactly sure, but it sure would be nice if people started rooting for America during a time when so many are not. #nobodylikesUSanymore

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5 Takeaways from the Stormy Daniels Interview
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