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Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat – It was Only Maimed

What is curiosity? Scientists define curiosity as recognizing and seeking new information and experiences to answer the questions of why and how. Why does the bulb light up? How does it work? Why is the mountain there? How do I get to the top?

“I’ll tell you why that mountain is there,” said one researcher, “to put a Starbucks at every base camp. Who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee after a vigorous climb?”

A second component of curiosity is a willingness to embrace the unpredictable and accept new information that may differ from your original judgment. Studies show the more curious a person is, the less of a stick in the mud they are. But unfortunately, research shows we often lose our curiosity as we age.

“My grandparents are a perfect example,” explained a different scientist. “They refuse to learn anything new. They know everything, so don’t ask them to see your side of things like how gay marriage is okay now and you and your boyfriend deserve that right without the threat of being cut out of the will.”

Turns out, there are many facets to curiosity. For example, there is a dark side – doesn’t that sound fun? There are also positive aspects of curiosity such as it can breed intimacy; it can serve as an antidote for aggression; and lastly, curiosity can boost well-being.

“That ‘antidote for aggression’ caught me off guard, too,” said the lead scientist. “But it works. Next time you want to kill your boss for, I don’t know, say, denying your grant money, preventing you from completing your life’s work and reason for getting out of bed in the morning. Stop for a second and ask yourself why. This allows time to realize the consequence called jail time.”

After extensive research, scientists have discovered four types of curious people. Curious as to where you fit in? Well read it anyway!

  1. The Fascinated – Most annoying. These types “love to learn” and then want to hold you captive and tell you how smart they are.
  2. Problem Solvers – Semi annoying. These types are coming from a place of fear, so it’s best to just get out of their way.
  3. Empathizers – Avoid at all cost! These are the types that get into your bidness.
  4. Avoiders – Least annoying. These types stay under the radar because they generally don’t give a damn about anything.

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Breaking News! Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat – It Was Only Maimed