Waiter Haters On the Rise

OMAHA – When a demanding customer began yelling and cursing at Sally Johnson, seasoned local waitress in 24-hour diner, demanding to know where his steak was, she became visibly shaken.

“I had no idea there was a ‘waiter hater’ group,” said Sally. “I asked the guy if he wanted a refill on his coffee and he said, ‘He could have gotten it himself by now,’ all snooty-like. And my question was, ‘Why didn’t ya?'”


Sociologists say in today’s fast-past world if instant gratification, today’s waiter must think and move at a faster pace, anticipating the needs of the customer. “Hospitality experts” recommend little tricks like if your customer orders a cheeseburger, bring the ketchup and mustard along with the burger and a smile.

“A smile?” questioned Sally. “As if life wasn’t complicated enough.”

Another recommendation made by experts, it’s imperative not to let every bad customer effect you, forcing you to feel like retaliating. Sometimes other people are just having a bad day, are hungover, just got fired, or hate life in general. Experts recommend implementing a strong sense of empathy along with the bacon and eggs, and maybe a bigger tip can be scored.

“Here’s a tip,” Sally said, “If they pay by credit card, sometimes you can change the tip by one or two dollars and they never realize it.”

Recently, an “exciting” study was conducted about “waiter haters” to understand who was effected most after experiencing rudeness, and you might be surprised by the results. Turns out, upbeat people felt far worse after encountering rudeness. The individuals who are described as “less enthusiastic” about life, had little or no lasting effect from rudeness.

“This was a fun study,” explained the lead researcher. “After the subjects filled out a survey that indicated how sensitive they were, we lobbed rude questions at then to see how long it took them to react. Fascinating and therapeutic.”

Psychologists explain that because ungratefulness is more jarring to people who are trying to be helpful, people in the hospitality field who don’t care are effected less. So what’s the takeaway? When you couldn’t care less about a job, you are able to ignore customers who yell at you.

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