Hollywood Medium

Season 3

Episode 2

It’s a brand new day on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry – so the tag line says. This week Tyler will be meeting with four celebrities. One A-lister, one B-lister and two D-listers. Won’t this be fun! First up is Giuliana Rancic. Who is she? She’s one of the D-listers and she used to work for E! News but ruined that gig after saying an actress “smelled like patchouli” oil on Fashion Police. Is that an insult or a compliment? I don’t know. Anyway, her husband Bill Rancic was the first winner of The Apprentice back in the day when it was a good show with regular people before the host became the President.

Tyler arrives and recognizes Giuliana. She has two friends hiding in the bedroom eavesdropping. Tyler begins doodling. A man named Ed is coming through. Right away Giuliana tears up. Ed is Bill’s father whom she’s never met. He is mentioning his bone marrow and right away Giuliana understands. Turns out when Ed needed bone marrow, Bill had to track down Ed’s brother, who never stopped traveling, and talk him into giving his bone marrow. That’s sad. Ed wants Bill to know he appreciates what he did even though he died anyway.

Next, Tyler is picking up on a very strange energy. He explains that the person coming through isn’t for Giuliana, it’s for one of the girls hiding in the back room. The message is for Giuliana to tell her friend, Collette, the slate is wiped clean. Again with the tears. Giuliana says her friend has been struggling with her dad’s death from four years ago. Giuliana is amazed that Tyler did this by holding a rosary, the most religious object besides a cross. Collette comes out and hugs Tyler and tells him he’s an angel. Her dad passed away after four month battle with brain cancer. Tyler says her dad is now free. Poor Giuliana, not only is her career in the ditch, no one from her family came to visit her.

Grab the popcorn! Up next is Christina El Moussa. Tyler has no idea who she is, but if you watch HGTV you know she’s from Flip or Flop and has gone through a very public breakup after (allegedly) cheating on her husband with a contractor while her husband was battling two different types of cancer. Wonder if karma will come through today? Fingers crossed! Christina also has two friends eavesdropping from the back room.

For her object, she gives Tyler a letter. A woman is coming through that was losing her mind toward the end. Christina says it was her Grandma Bitty who had Alzheimer’s, but they had a strong connection. During the reading a huge gust of wind blows away the letter. Tyler runs after it while Christina just sits on her ass. Seems G-ma isn’t too happy about Christina’s life choices lately. There’s an acknowledgement about lots of changes and transitions, but G-ma wants Christina to take a deep breath and move forward. Tyler says he is visually seeing Christina picking up the pieces.

Christina explains there’s a rift between her and her parents right now due to her appalling life choices. She asks Tyler if they will ever be okay. Tyler says it’s going to take a few more years, but Dad will come around before Mom. And that’s it. Tyler didn’t say anything about their show being cancelled…yet.

Onto our next celebrity, Katy Mixon from American Housewife. She’s as warm and sassy in real life as she is on her show. She has two friends and a fiancé stashed in the back room. As for objects, Tyler is drawn to the black and white box on the coffee table. Trouble is, that’s just for decoration – not a dead relative. Oopsie! So Tyler reaches for the frame next to it and begins doodling. And let me just say, get the popcorn, for reals this time. Hell, get a shot of whiskey.

Tyler says a very young person is coming through, referring to an incident. Katy gives a hint by saying it was a massive incident. Tyler explains there was a physical catalyst that led to a decline for this young soul. Katy says he’s getting warmer. Tyler tells her a vacation took place right before the person become, alone, alone, alone. Oh , no. This is terrible. Alone three times? Gulp. Katy says when her little sister, Caroline, was one year-old, she drowned in the backyard pool five days after they returned from their family vacation. She was in a coma for four months, but lived for five years after this, although she was technically brain dead. Katy lovingly remembers her baby sister’s laughter and smile.

Tyler says the message from Caroline is to let go of any guilt or shame for not getting to her in time. She is free now. Katy explains that she comes from a family of seven kids and was 10 when this happened. But wait, the story gets ever more tragic. When Katy was 15 the family was having a party at the house to celebrate her graduating the 9th grade. No one was watching Caroline and her chin blocked her trachea, cutting off her air supply. Caroline died during the party. This is truly tragic and Tyler is visibly shaken. He looks at the photo of Caroline taken five days prior to her drowning. We are not shown the photo  – and I really wanted to see her.

There’s something else. Tyler mentions a date changing from the 21st to another date. Katy has chills. She just had a baby three months ago who was due on the 21st but born on the 19th. Tyler says this is Caroline’s way of acknowledging that she was with the baby. Aww. Finally something good.

And lastly we are meeting with Taye Diggs. Tyler doesn’t recognize him even though Taye has done a lot, but says he’s picking up on his “open energy.” Taye asks for Tyler for his credentials. Dude, really? Watch the show. Anyway, Tyler explains when he was 10 he woke up with a premonition of his grandmother’s death, began working professionally at 16, and doesn’t see dead people walking around, instead he gets “subtle impressions.” Taye says he’s at a crazy crossroad in his life right now and interested in his future, not so much the dead relatives.

Too bad! Taye’s dad who died before he was supposed to from a drug overdose is coming through. Taye is like, I hardly knew the guy. Absentee-Dad wants Taye to let his mom know that he’s aware he screwed up. Taye says he was really disappointed when his dad died while he was in high school because he always thought they would reunite like an after-school special –  starring Taye Diggs.

Changing gears, Taye wants to know where he’s supposed to be. In other words, Does he have career? Tyler sees him directing, writing and traveling. Taye asks if it’s in New York for a play about race and sexuality. Tyler explains the universe is using Taye to spread the message of service. Can I just say, I kind of got the “subtle impression” that Taye was incredibly relieved to be told he’ll be going to New York, of course, what do I know, I’m not a psychic.

Tune in next week for readings with Chrissy Metz from This Is Us; Taryn Manning from Orange Is the New Black, and Iggy Azalea the pop star. Looks like Taryn Manning’s will be the gut-wrenching one.

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