In Search of Sunshine

I am so ready for winter to end.

It’s like I fell asleep in Houston one day and woke up in Seattle the next. Where did the sun go? I last saw it three months ago, but now all I see is cloud and rain. As for the temperature, that seems to vacillate more than my mood swings. Some days it’s 40 degrees, other days it’s 8o. No wonder my sinuses are killing me. But there are some things to be grateful for, so let me count the ways with you:

One: Flu season is coming to an end. Yay! What a pain in the ass that was. While I didn’t get the full-fledged-flu, I did get an extreme cold that required gallons of chicken soup a.k.a. Jewish penicillin and binge-watching Netflix. Just what the doctor ordered!

Two: Because we’ve had so many days below the freeze line, most of my landscaping is dead. Not going to lie, I sort of gave up halfway through and decided to play “let’s see who survives.” Most of it didn’t. The upside is, freezing temperatures kill mosquitoes. Yay! Everyone loves dead mosquitoes. Of course, that won’t kill all the little blood-suckers, but hopefully the ones carrying life-threatening diseases.

Three: Go in search of the sunshine. Spring break is upon us, if you can allow for last minute travel plans, wait for the weather report three days before and see what part the country will have great weather – and go there.

Four: Create your own sunshine with friends and cocktails. Even if it’s raining/snowing/cloudy you can even serve fun stuff like Tequila Sunrise; Sunset Sangria; Spiked Sun Tea; The Sun Also Rises; and Capri Sun Cocktails. Anyone one of these will shine a light on your spirit.

Five: Daylights savings begins March 11 – just in case the sun needs a little more coaxing to come out and play with us. Next week we will Spring forward and have an additional hour(s) of fun in the sun.

The first day of spring is March 21st and can’t arrive a moment too soon. Goodbye winter, see you next year, hopefully not as much.

Random Thoughts – In Search of Sunshine
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