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Episode 1

Welcome back to Season 3 of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry! It’s going to be a very exciting season because Tyler has moved from celebrity C-listers to celebrity B-listers. Let’s get started! Today Tyler is flying off to Nashville for a reading. If you’re thinking it’s going to be a country music star (like me) you’d be wrong. It’s Todd Chrisley and his daughter, Savanah, from Chrisley Knows Best. Last year’s Hollywood Medium season finale featured Todd the non-believer and his wife Julie the believer. Todd totally drank the Kool-Aid, y’all, and now he’s a super believer. Thankfully Todd will not be there for the reading, but of course he’ll be eavesdropping from the other room.

Hollywood Medium Recap

Savannah gives Tyler a gold watch so he can pick up the vibes. It’s a heavy, gaudy watch. A man is coming through who likes rainbows. Is it Todd from the other room? Tyler explains there’s a story of this person catching fish after fish after fish after fish. Todd is freaking out in the closet back room and we learn that Savannah learned to fish from her grandfather. G-Pa is very comforted by the fact that his wife – who is still alive – is being well taken care of.

Moving on to Savannah’s love life, G-Pa wants her to cut bait with the person she is still pining for. Tyler tells Savannah to be on the lookout for a guy named James. Once again Todd is super excited. If it’s the James he’s thinking of, Todd’s going to have the “best looking fu*cking grandkids in the world.” Hey Grandpa! Wash your mouth out with soap. But for now, Tyler says Savannah needs to focus on her independence, which is code for, Girl, you’re going to be alone for a while.

Hollywood Medium Recap

Todd comes back into the room and explains to Tyler that his father wasn’t on board when the Chrisley’s were first offered their show and he told him not to do it.  Todd asks Tyler if his father is proud of him now. Tyler says yes! As for now “James” is just a friend of Savannah’s, but Todd is very excited to learn that all the future grandchildren will look like him.

Next, Tyler is back in Los Angeles, being driven to his next appointment by his manager Charlie (pronounced–Chaulie). The celebrity behind the door is almost shocking. It’s Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory. Wow! Why? Comes to mind, but hey, this stuff is entertaining. Tyler instantly knows who Jim is and they each profess themselves as fans. Jim admits to cheating on Tyler with other hacks mediums, but he is forgiven because Tyler is as sweet as can be.

Hollywood Medium Recap

Tyler begins doodling and right away says that three people are coming through. First isJim’s dad who died in a one-vehicle accident. He wants Jim to know that nothing could have been done medically to save him even if someone had come along sooner. He died quickly. Jim doesn’t say whether the other physics have given him this message before or not, but seems relieved. Next are both grandmothers. Oy, vey! First, Grandma May is in the house. Tyler says she keeps pointing to her head and apologizes for her behavior. Jim explains that toward the end May became a bit of a grouch.

Tyler says the other grandmother is coming through with a serious lung problem. Jim is confused. At first he thinks it’s his mom’s mom, Wilma, but he’s not sure so he calls his mom and puts her on the phone – who in my mind is Laurie Metcalf. Turns out Wilma died of congestive heart failure. Tyler tells them Wilma wants people to let this go and not feel upset at her passing. Before Tyler leaves he tells Jim he’s been dreaming of him lately. O-kay? But Tyler doesn’t say anything else. O-kay? He leaves and Jim tells the camera he misses Tyler already so he goes outside to say hello to Charlie. O-kay? They leave and Jim is probably on his driveway waving goodbye. Okay!

Hollywood Medium Recap

So this is weird, Tyler is back in Nashville for our final reading tonight. So either this is edited out of order or Tyler wracks up some serious frequent flyer miles. And wouldn’t it be cool to see him walk on the plane? You could feel confident that the plane wasn’t going to crash because Tyler wouldn’t be on it. Right? But I digress, Tyler is at the home of Kristin Cavallari. Sometimes Tyler has no clue who he’s meeting with, and today is one of those times. Tyler apparently hasn’t seen the reality shows Laguna Beach or The Hills. He is totally forgiven.

Hollywood Medium Recap

Kristin says she’s very nervous because she’s used to being tough and have a reading makes her feel vulnerable. Tough? Getting sassy with Lauren Conrad doesn’t make you tough, it makes you prone to drama. But I digress again. In the back room listening are her parents who are divorced. Tyler begins doodling. He asks for the objects. It’s a stuffed bunny and a sweatshirt. Tyler says there’s a brother-figure coming through, but there’s a hesitance. Kristin nods. Tyler says there’s a sense of slipping on something, but there’s also a problem with his brain. The parents say it’s, Mike.

Tyler says he’s getting emotional because there’s mental illness and drugs and alcohol involved. Mike is saying there was no saving him after the drugs and alcohol. Kristin says they thought Mike was bi-polar. As proof, Tyler says Mike is honored that someone was named after him in a new way. Everyone is like, OMG! Turns out, Kristin’s cousin just had a baby and named him Mike’s nick-name, Cabbie. Kristin is blown away.

Now Tyler is being shown license plates. This goes nowhere. Kristin’s dad in the back room had a wall of license plates in the garage, but Kristin doesn’t recall this. Kristin specifically asks Tyler what happened out there. Did Mike get lost in Utah after his car broke down? Tyler says yes. It wasn’t suicide. Mike was looking for a river so he could follow that , but he got lost and died of hypothermia. Tyler says Kristin shouldn’t feel guilty about her success.

Hollywood Medium Recap

Tyler says Mike no longer feels like she got everything and he got nothing. Kristin tearfully explains they had a strained relationship on that very subject, but she is so relieved to know that now the he’s dead he’s at peace. Tyler leaves and Kristin joins her parents. All three are emotional. Her dad says that Mike did want Kristin to feel guilty, but he was also very proud of her. Kristin says that Mike’s death actually brought her and her parents closer together. So at least there’s that.

Tune in this season for readings of Iggy Azalea, Meagan Fox, Taye Diggs, Chrissy Metz, Erika Jayne, and brother and sister David and Rosanna Arquette, Tituss Burgess, Ronda Rousey, Padma Lakshmi, Teresa Giudice, Lucy Hale, Katy Mixon, LaToya Jackson, and more.

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RECAP: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry Season 3 – Epi 1
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