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Episode 3

We join Hollywood’s go-to medium, Tyler Henry, as he prepares to meet Chrissy Metz, actress from the hit show This Is Us. The good news is Tyler recognizes her – because he doesn’t always. But the funny thing is he doesn’t know her from This Is Us, he knows her from American Horror Story “Freak Show.” Chrissy played Ima Wiggles. Good times.

Tyler begins his doodling and says the word “tragedy” three times. It involves a male who died at a weird time and too soon. There’s a reference to a new car and trip planned that he wasn’t able to go on. Chrissy tells us this is her dear friend who would “light up a room” before he died. Tyler explains this started off small, but then turned big, and then he was killed. He tells Chrissy not to worry, this crime will soon be solved. Chrissy explains her friend was murdered less than a year ago and it may have been carried out by more than one person. Due to the ongoing case, Chrissy cannot say his name. Tyler says this person who shall not be named is acknowledging there will be closure and justice will be served by May of 2018. That crock pot is guilty!

Tyler says a female who beat cancer is coming through. Chrissy thinks it’s her bad-ass grandma. But wait, bad-ass G-ma is not just here to say hi, she’s here with a message. Tyler asks who in the family had a ripple effect with their health. Chrissy says her mother went through something twice. Define “something.” Chrissy says her mom first had a mini-stroke, then a major stroke which was when she was supposed to accompany Chrissy to the Emmy’s. But Mom’s a fighter and still with us. Tyler says G-Ma is with them all.

So what about Chrissy’s future? Guess what? She will soon get an offer to be in a play, but not a musical. And then Chrissy and Tyler have sort of a moment and claim they are engaged. Tyler says must leave now and go home to nap because readings can be so draining. Kind of like Whoopie in Ghost.  Tyler’s mom drives off to take Tyler home. But wait. She turns back around because she’s a fan of Chrissy and the #not size 2 movement. They have a moment too.

Up next, Tyler is in New York because Taye Diggs wants more air time. So what has Taye-Taye been up to? Directing a play called “Thoughts of a Colored Man.” I thought we weren’t supposed to use that word anymore unless it was the other way around – like woman of color. Anyhoo, Taye thanks Tyler because this play has changed his life. Tyler explains he’s only the middle man, but he accepts the pat on his back from Taye.

Now we are on to Taryn Manning from Orange is the New Black. Taryn says she is a total believer even though she hasn’t died yet and has no direct knowledge this shit works. Tyler doesn’t recognize her and proceeds to doodle. Taryn is hoping to connect with someone special. Tyler says man is coming through who died too soon. Oh no. Suddenly Tyler feels “weird” and mentions the word alcoholism.  Taryn mentions her dad was in AA and died too young.

Tyler holds onto a trumpet case for the object. Taryn’s dad was a musician who sported the Trump comb over before Trump made it famous. She explains that she grew up in bars and dad had a problem with the bottle. Turns out, when her dad passed away he wasn’t even sure if he died because he wasn’t in his right state of mind. Taryn says she was told that her dad killed himself. Tyler says this was her dad’s second attempt.

But this next part is a really hard pill to swallow. Tyler mentions that her dad tried to reach out to a family member prior to his death. Taryn explains that at the time he died, they weren’t speaking, and the last words she said to her father were, “I hate you.” Gulp.

Here’s the thing, she was 13. Give the girl a break. What 13 year-old doesn’t say that? Tyler tries to explain to Taryn that some people in her life aren’t being honest about his life and death. How’s that for an accusation? Taryn says this has been the biggest mystery of her life concerning her dad and the pain of his loss. Taryn is consumed guilt. Sending big hugs her way! But the message is that pops is by and on her side. This was emotionally intense for Tyler. He’s going to need a big nap today.

Lastly we are meeting with self-described “well known rapper” Iggy Azalea. Tyler does recognize her and is a little star-struck. Iggy says she has had many readings throughout her life because that’s how they roll in the outback. Awesome blossom, let’s go! Tyler begins doodling, but unfortunately no one is coming through from any dead people she knows. Ruh-roh! This never happened before. Quick, initiate plan B. Tyler asks if Iggy has question about her future. Good thinking, Tyler! Who would say no to that? I’m sorry, but the person who has no questions about their future must be dead.

Tyler says he sees somebody in her life with an “A.” Iggy has no idea who he’s talking about. Tyler warns Iggy she needs to beware of hooking up with other performers. Iggy says she learned this one the hard way. Just like he told Amber Rose, who didn’t listen, two rappers won’t work because there’s too much bling and its blinding. Tyler explains that in the spring time she will have career opportunities, then she will hit a dry spell with love, then more career opportunities, and then maybe love will enter into her life. Tyler says he does not see Iggy spending her entire life alone, but that’s good – sort of.

Onto health matters on her mom’s side of the family. Tyler is referencing an older male who is not taking care of himself because he’s stubborn. Iggy says she knows exactly what he’s talking about. It’s her Grandpa. Tyler says he has non-stop health issues. Iggy confirms her Grandpa Graham’s health is bad and the mushrooms growing in his house due to the mold isn’t helping. Iggy expects a phone call any day now to announce his passing. Tyler says get ready for an intervention that won’t be fun – if you consider interventions to be fun. BTW, G-Pa’s prostate is not good.

Iggy says she owes her life in entertainment to Grandpa Graham and they have a great connection. Iggy is a little freaked out by the reading because she never talks about G-Pa to anyone, yet Tyler was specific. Wait till the blokes back home hear about this. And once again, Tyler’s mom is a huge a fan and she comes in to meet Iggy. They have a moment too.

Tune in next time for readings with Megan Fox, Nicole Sullivan, Jewel, and David and Rosanna Arquette.

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RECAP: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry S3 – Epi 3
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