Hollywood Medium

Season 3

Episode 4

Welcome back to Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. We jump right in this week with the self-proclaimed “intuitive” Megan Fox. Before he arrives, Tyler is very nervous and doesn’t know why. When Megan opens the door, Tyler immediately knows who she is because he wants to be her thinks she’s the bees knees. Megan has had many readings including palmistry, tea leaves, and tarot cards, not just guys who doodle and see dead people.

But get this, Megan didn’t bring an object. Her plan is to let the universe handle who should come through to her. Tyler begins doodling and tells Megan there’s something wrong with her eyes, but don’t worry, she won’t go going blind, however, she might require a glass eye. Megan is like, Dude, I cannot rock a glass eye. It’s true. She’s not that great of an actress.

On with the doodling Tyler says Megan’s mom is going through a transition and will soon have a geographical change. Megan acknowledges that as of two days ago, something happened with her mom and she might be coming to California. Megan is told to let her mom know she can be on her own. Megan almost squeaks out a tear, but doesn’t. Turns out, her mom just broke up with her boyfriend literally two days ago. Tyler says her best days are ahead of her. Aww. That almost makes up for the glass eye comment.

So who else is coming though to Tyler? The color green. Oh really? Anyone could have found out that Austin Tyler Green is her husband. Megan rolls her eyes. They have been together forever. Tyler mentions a two-year difficult journey but says that now she’s in recovery mode. Tyler asks if Megan has any Native American ancestry. Again, something we can easily find out about her.

Due to her “intuitiveness” Meghan explains this causes her much anxiety because she’s always taking on other people’s emotions. Tyler explains that she’s empathetic, like him, and must learn to unplug from the emotions around her. Megan says this is why she struggles at the Golden Globes, Oscars, and Emmys and all the fabulous parties she is forced to attend. Why is life so hard for some people? It’s just not fair.

Next on Hollywood Medium, Tyler is meeting with comedian/actress Nicole Sullivan. Recently she was on the show Disjointed playing a suburban mom who becomes a pot addict and hilarity ensues. Unfortunately it was cancelled. Nicole is a big believer in psychics and has every episode of John Edwards Crossing Over on VHS. Yes, VHS – one step up from hieroglyphics. For the objects, Nicole hands over a business card and wooden flowers.

Tyler says a female spirit is exhausted due to multiple health issues, one after the other. The spirit acknowledges they were visited once a year, in July, by Nicole – who is freaking out. It’s her grandma. Hi, Grandma! Tyler says she is at peace now even with all of the misdiagnoses she received. Nicole is so relieved that Tyler isn’t a hack like John Edwards.

However, there’s something weighing on Nicole’s spirit. She’s worried her grandmother thought a character she developed was based on her, and that Nicole was making fun of her. Grandma had Bell’s palsy, but Nicole’s character who spoke out of the side of her mouth, did not have Bell’s Palsy. Tyler doodles and tells Nicole he hears her grandmother laughing. She gets it was a somewhat funny joke. What a relief!

Next on the circus tour, Tyler arrives at Jewel’s house. He has no idea who she is. A lot of people don’t. She’s a country singer who used to be married to a bull rider. I get the feeling that Jewel isn’t a total believer in this kind of stuff and this was probably her agent’s idea. First up for discussion is Jewel’s health. Tyler points to his neck and says it feels inflamed. Jewel confirms she’s currently on thyroid medication. Tyler tells her to watch her fluid intake because it will hurt her kidney. Jewel reveals she has an abnormality in one kidney and she almost died from it.

OMG! If she wasn’t a believer before, she should be one now, but Jewel’s affect seems off. Almost like she’s already heard this before. Tyler suggests Jewel scale back and she’ll have more energy, but Jewel complains she has already done this. Tyler then tells her he sees her having one more child (which is the opposite of scaling back) and writing a children’s book. Jewel says she has already written a children’s book. So there. Jewel asks Tyler where are her dead relatives. Why haven’t they stopped by? Just then, Grandma comes through and tells Jewel her mom is stubborn. And that’s about it. Jewel considers the reading a success, though I’m not sure I believe her.

And for the final celebrities of the night, Tyler meets with brother and sister actors’ David and Rosanna (pronounced Ro-zauna) Arquette. Rosanna has never seen Hollywood Medium, but hears Tyler has talent. Funny thing, Tyler has no clue who they are. If only Patricia were there. The two would definitely know each other since they are both mediums. Anyway, off to the side are David’s wife (who looks exactly like his ex-wife Courtney Cox) and Rosanna’s male friend.

For the objects, the siblings provide a Buda, and painting and a ring – just to be sure. Tyler begins doodling and repeats the word, elephant. Turns out, David just filmed a movie with an elephant and shared a likeness with its butt. More hilarity ensues. Tyler mentions four siblings, and that’s how many Arquette’s there are, or were. Tyler says he’s being told the word, sister, but there’s a double meaning to the word.

Rosanna explains their transgender sister Alexis died one year ago today. Tyler says she is at peace and accepted long ago she wouldn’t live a long life. Tyler mentions New York and that Alexis didn’t get closure with one person prior to her death. Rosanna says she was in New York when Alexis was admitted to the hospital that final time and she hopped on a plane, reaching Alexis only 16 hours before her death.

Off to the side, David’s wife is becoming more animated, but in an annoying way. Why isn’t she in the backroom? Tyler says Alexis is referencing a charm. David’s wife is practically jumping out of her skin to tell David she was given a charm by Alexis. Although Rosanna is gracious, I can see she really wants David’s wife to stay in her lane.

Before Tyler leaves, David asks if Alexis is at peace because she wasn’t able to go as far as “they” would have liked before “they” died. Is that code for: Alex never got the vajayjay she wanted? Or transgender rights are way better one year later? Tyler explains that when we transition – to the otherworld – we don’t bring our ego. Alexis is looking forward to her memorial in her honor called the Alexis Project. I don’t know why they just didn’t ask their sister Patricia about all this. She could have told them the same stuff.

Tune in next time when Tyler meets with Real Housewife, Erika Jayne, former athlete turned actor, Rick Fox, K. Michelle, who I don’t know, and Top Chef hostess Padma Lakshmi.

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RECAP: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry S3 Epi 4