Hollywood Medium

Season 3

Episode 5

Welcome back to Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. Great news! There’s a special treat for all you RHOBH fans. Cold as ice – as in diamonds baby – Erika Jayne Gerardi is his first client. Tyler Henry does recognize her so there off to a good start. Good vibes are now flowing from Erika.

Tyler begins his doodling while Erika claims she has no expectations and isn’t nervous. Tyler asks for the object which is angel Lladro-like statuesque. It’s connected to two people who are like-mom and like-dad figures. It’s Erika’s grandma and grandpa who helped raise her. Hi guys! Tyler mentions fishing and Erika is shocked. Tears glisten on her face. Nobody knew she used to fish with her grandpa because that’s so rare for grandchildren to fish with their grandparents. Tyler says someone is joking about clogging up the toilet. Turns out, Grandpa was a plumber. Wowza, that’s good!

Tyler explains that on the ride over he was picking up vibes from a woman who battled Alzheimer’s. That’s G-Ma. Apparently she used to do a lot of talking, but lost her ability. Erika says G-ma would never shut up, her words. Tyler says G-Ma is referencing the throat. Uh-oh! Don’t let it be Erika’s golden vocals. Whew! It’s not. It’s G-Ma’s vocals. Tyler explains how much G-Ma missed Erika and wanted to help her through an early botched romantic relationship. Erika cries real tears, taking the angel away from Tyler because “there will be no more tears.”

Moving on, Tyler says an adult male is now being referenced who felt separated. It’s one of Erika’s prior husbands and he’s separated because he’s dead. Erika keeps his photograph in her closet because that’s “where he’d like to be.” Umm, did she just out him? Everyone knows how fabulous Erika’s closet is. Tyler says the passing was “unique” and if it had been a different time of day, the passing wouldn’t have happened. Most murders and homicides occur at night, and that’s when this guy died, the middle of the night and he was engaging in self-destructive life. Erika says this makes sense, but won’t say why. She says she ‘ll tell Tyler privately – which is so Erika. But real tears are falling, so that’s nice for the ice queen.

Next up on HM, Tyler meets with K. Michelle. Tyler has no idea who K. Michelle is and neither do I. Apparently she’s an actress/singer/restaurateur. K is worried she’ll cry and doesn’t want to because her couch is white. There’s this new invention called waterproof mascara. She should check it out. So, Ty says Mom’s side of the family is coming through referencing two sisters. It’s K’s aunts. One aunt died from diabetes and the other of rheumatoid arthritis and both died relatively young. One aunt wants to appreciate the other sister who stepped in to raise her three daughters.

The aunt who died of diabetes says there was an issue that occurred at her memorial service and she wants people to get over it already, Lord have mercy. K is freaking out. The issue that people won’t get over is K didn’t go to her aunt’s funeral because she couldn’t say goodbye. Her aunt says it’s okay she didn’t go. I wish Tyler would have told K that her G-Ma was giving her a big hug.

Tyler asks if there’s anyone else K would like to talk about. K says her father, and he’s alive – though not for long if he doesn’t go to the doctor. Tyler warns that this person needs to be concerned about pneumonia or bronchitis. K says her daddy had bronchitis just last week and refused to go to the doctor. K says she can’t make her father go to the doctor. I say she can call 911. Do it next time, girl! The good news is Tyler says he’s not picking up on any immediate plans that dad will be “going anywhere” any time soon. Whew!

Onto our next C-lister is Rick Fox. He is a retired basketball player and actor and is now an entrepreneur. Foxxy Rick is most known for being Mr. Vanessa Williams until he dumped her for a younger woman.  He has never had a reading before, but is open to the experience. Tyler begins his doodling and then says, “Oof.”

If you know Tyler as well as I do, you know that’s not good. Tyler beats around the bush for a while then finally says, Somebody’s gonna die in eight months. Gulp! Rick is like, Oh shit, I’ve changed my mind about this reading!

Tyler says he’s being told that people will be coming together for the funeral, but the person is saying, “Not resolve, not resolve, not resolve.” When the spirits speak in three’s, it’s like texting in all caps. Rick says his dad is very sick. And they have not resolved Rick’s lack of upbringing. Rick says he’s grateful for this heads-up.

Rick has a question about his son’s career. Will he ever be able to move out of Rick’s shadow? Tyler says around the Spring of 2018 (which is now). Foxxy Rick’s son is a game designer, not a basketball player or actor. I think the subliminal question is: Will his son be off his payroll? Hallelujah! Yes he will. Every parent’s dream come true! Rick concludes he is pleased with his first reading.

And finally, Tyler goes to New York (with his mom-isn’t he sweet) to meet with Top Chef co-host, Padma Lakshmi. Padma is as excited to meet Tyler as her daughter was to go to the Katy Perry concert. Tyler has no idea who she is, but says she looks familiar. Good answer, Ty! He begins doodling and says a lot of stuff is coming in. Tyler says the elderly woman who passed away is mentioning the recipes she passed on. Oh really? Her recipes? She’s Padma’s great Aunt Bala who taught her and her mom to cook. In fact, Aunt Bala’s cranberry chutney recipe was in Padma’s cook book from ten years ago. I guess she’s finally wanting credit.

Next, a man is coming through who died prematurely from a brain tumor. Padma nods, her eyes are closed. Tyler says he’s being shown a map with stick pins to mark their travel. Padma’s object is a small satchel with a rosary from the man who traveled during the Serbian war saving people who were victims of land mine explosion. Wow. And he died from a brain tumor. Clearly, life is not fair. This was Padma’s lover, Teddy. They never married and she loved him dearly.  Tyler says Teddy still loves Padma.

Padma has a question. Does she have Teddy’s blessing to be with the man she’s with now – even though they hated each other. Tyler says he is being told the person with the 14th of the month is who she should be with. Padma says the guy’s birthday is on the 14th. She has gotten back together with her daughter’s father. Padma says she doesn’t need the approval, but wants it. Mmm-hmm. Whatever you say. Anyway, Tyler says Teddy is giving the relationship a thumbs up emoji.

Yay! It’s a happy ending for all four celebrities. Tune in next time for readings with Lucy Hale, Tyler Oakley, and Selma Blair – who we haven’t heard from since her airplane meltdown!

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RECAP: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry S3 – Epi 5
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