Ruh-Roh! Does Your Dog Hate You?

Does Your Dog Hate You

Breaking news! Did you know there are 10 tall tail signs that your dog would rather bite you, then lick you? How can this be when they’re supposed to be man’s best friend? The truth is even good friends get sick of each other. And while dogs probably do love us, many times they are less than thrilled with how we shower them with affection. So in no particular order, here are The Top 10 Signs Your Dog Hates You:

  1. They are peeing on your things: Let’s go ahead and assume you’re taking your dog for walks and they don’t have bladder issues – your dog is anxious and you are most likely causing it. Get yourself some therapy and when you are calm, your dog will become calm. The apple doesn’t fall far from the dogwood.
  2. They chew up your favorite things: Dogs have an innate desire to chew, but what if you’ve provided ample chew toys and your dog still goes for your favorite shoes instead? He’s mad at you, plain and simple, for leaving him home alone yet again. Why have a dog if you’re just going to ignore him? Please give the dog to someone who can make time for him.
  3. They bite: This is a no brainer that your dog hates you. Are you cuddling with him too much? Are you taking out your aggression on him? Dogs hate that, so stop doing it. All they want is their belly rubbed. And be careful in public, if you’re one of those people who takes their dog everywhere. Be aware of when they can turn on someone else due to over stimulation. Or here’s an idea, take him out of the fancy purse and leave him at home.
  4. They hide from you: Are you one of those people who makes their dogs where fancy dresses or funny looking sweaters? I’d hide from you too. However, this can also be a sign of sickness because most dogs greet you at the door even if they’re forced to wear matching shoes and hats. If he’s hiding when he used to greet you, call the vet, you’re dog is depressed.
  5. They bare their teeth: Baring teeth is a sign of aggression. If your dog is doing this, they aren’t smiling, so stop taking repeated selfie’s with your dog. They don’t want to capture this moment or the 20 others just like it and you’re freaking them out. It’s usually just a warning, but definitely take heed.
  6. They ignore your commands: Do they look as if they’re saying: Meh, Whatever, or Duh? Congratulations you have a teenager for a dog and they hate you in a passive way. It’s normal. All teens find their parents annoying and would rather sleep all day.
  7. They refuse treats: This is a very important clue from your dog. He doesn’t hate you, but he hates somebody near him. If a stranger is in the house, dogs will often refuse treats in order to remain on high alert. That’s not to say he wouldn’t stop and eat a steak, but if your dog is stressed out because someone is in the room – like your buddy with the booming voice or your girlfriend with the high-pitched laugh – giving a treat won’t help.
  8. They make eye contact: This is confusing, right? Humans are told repeatedly about the importance of making eye-contact. But it’s normal for a dog’s eyes to roam as he reassess his environment. When a dog is staring you down, it’s not because he’s in love with you, it’s because he’s contemplating biting your face off. Do not try to be the alpha dog.
  9. They growl: Well, duh. Growling is obvious sign they hate you, however, I once had a dog that said hello, in growl form. How did I know? He only did it when we entered the house. But if you can’t make out any words, then, yeah, your dog hates you.
  10. Their ears are flattened: This is one of two things: anxiety or trying to listen and understand their surroundings. It could be a siren in the distance or a child crying. Avoid touching a dog when their ears are in this position. It’s like a child who’s having a meltdown. It’s best to calm the situation with quiet then add to it with noise.

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Ruh-Roh! Does Your Dog Hate You?
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