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Social Media Promotes Fakes News about Fabulous Lives

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Stop the presses! Scientists have discovered when it comes to posting information about our personal lives, people are lying. #Shocker! Call it a humble brag or a fake-it-till-you-make-it strategy, but scientist have discovered “exciting” news that people are only trying to make their lives look better when in fact they are leading boring lives – just like the rest of us.

“Whew! What a relief,” said one participant in the study. “And here I thought I was the only one who tried to make my life look better than it really is. Feels good to know I’m not the only loser out there.”

Scientists have discovered that many of us hold the pessimistic and implausible belief that others have a superior social life, when in fact they don’t. In a series of studies, participants were asked to rate their own social lives compared to others they knew. On average, they guessed that everyone had a more fabulous social life filled with more friends and more parties. Not true!

“You see, I am very busy,” explained one scientist. “My calendar is filled with stuff to do every day, but not all of it is a party. Take the conference on entomology. Now that was a party! I don’t blame others for being envious of that, but not every day is about the fascinating life of bugs.”

A term has been coined called pluralistic ignorance which is having a false sense of how others feel because their thoughts are not available to us. We only think others are at wonderful parties or traveling the world. What we don’t realize is many who attend these parties suffer from crippling anxiety or the enormous stress that often accompanies travel. We only see the upside.

“Tell me about it,” said another participant. “My sister is always bragging about these great parties she goes to. She doesn’t realize how much fun I have dressing up my five dogs in party attire to pose for pictures. I think we all know who has the better life.”

It boils down to selective social imagination. It’s important to realize that even famous, rich and beautiful people have down days. Having said that, their basic and boring Tuesday for most of us is a Saturday night.

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Breaking News! SM Promotes Fake News about Fabulous Lives
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