Hollywood Medium

Season 3

Episode 6

Welcome back to Hollywood Medium! We are in store for an exciting show of C-listers. Up first, Tyler is in Vancouver and says it way more laid back than New York. He knocks on the door and a young woman by the name of Lucy Hale answers. Tyler has no clue who she is, but likes that they are around the same age. Lucy is best known for Pretty Little Liars, and says it’s humbling not to be recognized. So nice to see she has a healthy ego. Lucy asks Tyler which celebrity has made him the most nervous. He says, RuPaul. And we’ll just leave that alone.


For the object, Lucy hands over a vintage woman’s wedding ring. Tyler starts doodling. He says the person coming through is referencing a casino or a card game. It takes a sec, but Lucy says this person taught her to play solitaire. Tyler says he is being shown two rings, not one. It’s Grandma Karen. One ring went to Lucy (who’s real name is Karen) and the other, bigger ring went to her sister. #jealous. G-Ma K was a progressive thinker and Lucy inherited this trait from her.

Tyler stands and demonstrates a woman marching with straight legs. Lucy says her favorite photo of G-Ma is her marching in her cheerleader uniform. G-Ma is very proud of Lucy’s success and knew from the time she was a little girl, playing with puppets, she was going to be special. Tyler says in 2018 Lucy will be doing a lot of traveling, but not for work or vacation. Lucy confirms she has been considering doing charity work that will bring her to different places. I guess she’s going.

But here’s the real question Lucy wants to know: what about her love life? Tyler says it won’t be happening in Canada and advises to let go whatever or whoever is here. Lucy says done. The reading is over and Lucy says meeting Tyler is in the top 2 thing she’s done in her life. Sky diving was number 1. Some day when she gets married and has a baby, Tyler will drop to number 4.

Next Tyler is meeting with Tyler Oakley. I have no idea who this guy is but he’s a YouTube star with 23 million followers. Tyler is meeting with him at a bowling alley and recognizing the other Tyler right away. To make things simple: Tyler Henry will be T1 and Tyler Oakley will be T2. T1 is a huge fan or T2. T2 considers himself to be “somewhat” of a believer.

Hollywood Medium

T1 begins doodling and says mom’s side is coming through and the message is for her. Good thing she’s in the back room listening. Grandma comes though and says she helped out even though she didn’t have to. Grandpa is coming through to say there’s so much he didn’t get to say. In the back room T2’s mom explains that G-Pa had a stroke and lost his ability to speak. OMG! Tyler asks if G-Pa served in the military, T2’s response is, I don’t know. In the back room, Mom holds up a picture of G-Pa in a Navy uniform. OMG!

Now they are talking about Mom’s dad who walked out when she was six months old. T2’s mom says he messed up real bad and says he drank until he had a stroke. Okay, I’m confused. Who had the stroke? T1 asks T2 to bring out his mom because T2 can’t answer any of the questions. Mom explains that her dad left and her grandma helped raise her. T1 asks mom if there’s any questions she has for her dad. She asks if she was wanted. This crushes T2. He hears the little girl in his mom craving for the basic need of being wanted and loved. Tyler says yes, but says Dad is referencing the timing, the timing, the timing. Apparently Mom was born at the wrong time and the other siblings felt more of a connection with him. When he was dying, T2’s Mom chose not to be by his side, but her siblings were. Dad wishes he would have done things differently. T2 has new found respect for his Mom because she broke the cycle and was a loving, nurturing mom. Poor T2, not much of a reading for him, but he found the experience totally cool.

Lastly, Tyler is meeting with Selma Blair and he has no idea who she is. Most notably she’s the bitch from Legally Blonde. Selma has wanted air time this reading for two years, but Tyler is that busy doodling for Hollywood. Selma’s three friends/business associates are listening from the back room. Tyler says the person coming through was taken prematurely. They had health issues but died from something unexpected. Selma just says, Mmm-hmm, but the people in the back room are getting excited. This person is referencing the name Steve or Stephen and was in college at the time.

Hollywood Medium

Selma says her friend’s middle name was Steve and he died in his college dorm room. This was Selma’s first love and she was devastated. To this day she doesn’t know how he died, but acknowledged he did have epilepsy. Tyler says he’s still with Selma and time isn’t the same thing on the other side.

Switching gears, someone else is trying to come through from Selma’s dad’s side of the family. It’s a man who died of natural causes from a heart related issue. Selma says her dad died suddenly of a heart attack. Tyler says they are referencing a living person, a sister, with emphasis on the one who is struggling with the grieving process. Selma says it’s her sister Katie. Dad wants Katie, who apparently was his favorite, to move on with her life.

Hollywood Medium

Dad is now referencing a need for closure that he didn’t get. Turns out, he and Selma were estranged at the time of his death. They were going to get together and Dad was going to meet her son at Thanksgiving, but he died before then. Tears are streaming down Selma’s face. Tyler says he is referencing he is at peace, but acknowledging he could have done. Selma is comforted by this.

Switching gears again, Tyler mentions the Teletubbies, those British children’s blobs from the 90’s. Tyler says he’s seeing Winkie. Does he mean Tinky Winky? I wish Tyler would be more specific. But Selma knows what he’s talking about. She had a dog named Wink. She died at 7 from pancreatic issues. Cutest dog ever is missing an eye, and that’s why he’s called Wink. Tyler says this is the strongest connection he’s ever had with a pet. Wink’s remains are buried at Selma’s last house, which is sad because Selma has moved. Tyler says Wink is at peace and still with Selma. If I were to have a reading with Tyler, I would want my dog to come through, too. Very sweet ending.

Tune in next week for readings with Ronda Rousey, Arielle Kebbell, Chad Michael Murray, and Ronnie Ortiz Magro.

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RECAP: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry – S3 Epi 6
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