Has This Ever Happened to You#WeddingDrama

Have you ever had something devastating occur and when you explain it to others they laugh in your face?


It’s a very conflicting message. Here I am trying to convey my deep anguish – which I am entitled to feel – only to be met with non-stop chuckles. And this may be one of those things we can all laugh about years from now, we aren’t there yet.

Here’s what happened: My mom and birthmom missed my son’s wedding ceremony a few weeks back. I’m adopted and was fully aware of how rare this was that both my mom and birthmom could attend. Both flew in from out of town for this special occasion, but due to a comedy of errors, they missed the ceremony. Tragic, right? They missed the ceremony because they went to the wrong wedding – and hung out for a while.

I blame myself. When I asked them to ride the shuttle we set up because the venue was 25 minutes away on a dark and windy road, I shouldn’t have taken no for an answer. For the record, I was worried about the ride home and had no idea the trouble would begin on the ride there. It all started when they followed the wrong shuttle.

Straight out of an I Love Lucy episode, many red flags were ignored. Like when they arrived at the venue five minutes later and said, “Oh, Karen was wrong. It’s not 25 minutes away.” No. Karen wasn’t wrong. They were at the wrong venue. And wouldn’t this be a good time to call since it’s 2018 and everyone has a cell phone? Nope.  Instead, they walked around the beautiful, incorrect venue and took pictures. Lots of pictures.

Here’s the thing, the night before they had met the entire bridal party and several of the guests at the rehearsal dinner. The fact that they didn’t recognize a soul at this wedding didn’t register.  Instead they took their seats – second row – on the groom’s side. And if that weren’t embarrassing enough, my mom and birthmom placed their purses on the front row chairs to save seats for us. Who does this? Apparently my mom and birthmom.

So the bridesmaids and groomsmen make their grand entrance. This is when the fog begins to life. They realize they don’t recognize the groomsmen. Not only was my son not the groom, but my other son wasn’t the best man. However they remain seated because they weren’t 100% sure just yet. It wasn’t until the bride walked down the aisle, a very different looking bride than they met the night before, is when it finally clicked they were at the wrong wedding. So what did they do? Got up and left. In the middle of the ceremony. If this was your wedding and you just happen to be reading this, please accept my sincerest apologies.


My mom and birthmom (not so) promptly called me to let me know about the mistake. At that moment I was just about to walk down the aisle with my son and had no idea they weren’t already seated. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hold up the wedding for the 20 minute drive because, put it this way, the wedding planner ran a well-oiled machine. But hey, they made it in time for the photos, if we’re looking for something to be grateful for.

Clearly, this is not funny, but I get why people laugh – it’s outrageous. It took a while to realize this is far worse for my mom and birthmom than it is for me. They missed a beautiful ceremony that was not only heartfelt but humorous as well. Believe me, I think there should be laughter at a wedding, but save most of it for the reception.

All that mattered was the wedding was a magical evening for my son and his wife. And it was.

Random Thoughts: Has This Ever Happened to You? #WeddingDrama
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