Nothing to Talk About Because

Every Topic is Off Limits?

Nothing to Talk About

Admit it, you want to hang out with friends, but due to the current divisiveness in our nation, you find the atmosphere too uncomfortable, so instead you sit at home with your apathy and Netflix remote, unable to choose a movie. Or maybe that’s just me.

It’s tough hanging out with friends right now because of the ever-growing list of subjects we can’t talk about when we’re together. They are the following: Politics. Religion. Sexual harassment. The media. The stock market. Immigration. Healthcare. Football. Crime. Race Issues. Harley Davidson. Gender inequality. And climate change. There goes the typically safe subject of the weather.

It’s like we have to dumb-down our conversations because no matter what we say, others will have differing points of view, and for some reason this is now a bad thing. The result is we’ve become apathetic because we can’t find our voice and affect change.

Over the weekend the H and I went to dinner with another couple at a very fancy restaurant. It’s Restaurant Week in Houston, which lasts the entire month, btw. And during our two hour dinner over rack of lamb, we managed to find safe subjects through the entire dinner. They were the following: the kids, decorating, recent movies, good news about friends, (that way it’s not gossiping) golf, fashion, and travel. Lots and lots of travel. Start going places people, we need things to talk about. On a side note: the topic of sex is suddenly not as taboo as it used to be, isn’t that interesting.

After dinner we went to a bar to watch the Texans game. Warning! Land mines ahead. Naturally we wondered if any of the players had taken a knee. Historically speaking, the Texans haven’t participated in this protest, but of course it triggered the conversation of politics du jour. With alcohol! The good news is we are all still good friends and it was kind of therapeutic. Here are the ingredients that helped when talking to your friends about politics:

  • Keep it to only four people. Don’t attempt this with more. Everyone has a slightly different take, so it’s easier to show respect to fewer people.
  • Remember this phrase: That’s interesting. Use when you flat out disagree with another person.
  • If you find yourself in troubled waters, switch topics. Try animals. They’re mostly safe.
  • Speak one octave lower than normal. Almost like you’re having a conversation in a library. You aren’t whispering, but the drinkers at the next table can’t over hear and add their two cents.
  • End the night right after the game. This way you can walk away feeling good about the conversation. If you stay too long the opposite result may occur.
Nothing to Talk About Because Every Topic is Off Limits?
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