The State of the Nation is Seeping into My Home

The State of the Nation

I want to live in a happy home. Is that too much to ask? Unfortunately we’ve reached a low point in our nation’s history where that is becoming increasingly difficult. Washington’s caustic politics are at its worst, dividing Americans, ripping our country apart, and seeping into our homes. I feel voiceless, helpless, hopeless, and grumpy because every day in Washington there’s some new drama, like a bad reality TV show called, The Real Asswipes of Washington.

So basically I’ve limited my intake of cable news because they’ve become the Bravo of politics. It’s important not to stick your head in the sand, of course, and keep informed, so finding that right balance is paramount. I’ve also started volunteering on a regular basis. When you help people who have real issues going on, and step outside of yourself, it helps tremendously. The last person I want to take it out on (which I do anyway-sorry about that) is my husband. He’s somewhat apathetic and his attitude is, “Fire them all.” While that’s nice to fantasize about, it too is not based in reality.

What’s my plan? I don’t really have one. Be nicer. Don’t talk politics. Only watch HGTV. It’s so frustrating because we aren’t the ones causing the tension in our homes. It’s not about the housework. It’s not about the kids. It’s not about another person. It’s our nation’s constant drama that’s wearing us down. When will this end? After the mid-terms? In two years? Four years? Can we survive that long?

Side note: Currently we have four women SCOTUS’s: Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan. And guess what, none of them were involved in sex scandals. Just saying.

The State of the Nation is Seeping into My Home