Hi! I’m Karen. Welcome to MyComedyTherapy.com. I’m also Dani-K and K. Daniels and together we are the writers and creators of this here website. Our mission here at MyComedyTherapy is to make you laugh, chuckle, smirk, grin or smile as I try to find the upside in life. It takes effort to be a glass-is-half-full type person, so if you’re like me and cope through humor, then come back daily for new content, and we’ll get through this thing called life (thank you Prince) together.

Here’s what each of us will be handling: Karen will be writing the Random Thoughts section and is the overall administrator. Dani-K handles the advice column and is also a contributing blogger at All About the Tea covering D-list celebrity gossip. K. Daniels is an author of two women’s fiction-suspense novels and handles the reality TV recaps with her snarky sense of humor. The satirical news section “Breaking News You Can’t Use” is handled by all three of us due to its complexity. We also have guest bloggers, Tall and Smalls, who debate current events without holding back. We also welcome guests bloggers who have a great sense of humor. Thanks!

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Monday: Random Thoughts

Tuesday: WTF?!

Wednesday: Breaking News You Can’t Use

Thursday: Hollywood Medium Recap

Friday: #Flashback Friday

Saturday: Talls & Smalls

Sunday: Rest

I am also available for freelance writing. Need to write a speech? I can do it for you. Need an article written. No problem. I have several years experience of newspaper and magazine writing and reporting, so I’m also good at research as well. Contact me for more information.