K. Daniels is the author of two published novels, “Three Days in Purgatory” and “A Reason to Run.”  Both are women’s fiction, but with a heavy emphasis on suspense and fast-paced action. Currently K. Daniels is completing her third novel she considers to be paranormalish. Both books are available at Amazon.


Thee Days in Purgatory  –  Meet Camille Sawyer and her daughter Elizabeth. Camille is immersed in regret over the bad choices she has made. Kids, men, her health, you name it. No matter how hard she tries, it seems she always gets it wrong and in the process continually disappoints her daughter. Elizabeth – who prefers Beth – is angry that her mother will not be flying to Houston for her brother’s memorial, but should have expected it. Camille has always put the men in her life ahead of her children. Just once, Beth tells her mother, she wishes Camille would put her children first. That statement triggers a three-day whirlwind of change in which Camille awakens each morning living a different, totally baffling life that only vaguely resembles her own, all triggered by her daughter’s daily wish for the perfect mom. Her husband, her best fiend, her home, her occupation, all keep changing – and at first glance each new life seems ideal, though harsh consequences are not far behind. But Camille is driven by the possibility of being reunited with her son. Each life dangles hope that he is alive. Despite the madness that is happening, she has to hold on until Saturday, when she can see her son again.


A Reason to Run – Tells the story of three women from different areas with different troubles. Each makes the decision to run, setting to motion a collision of timing and circumstance. The women are drawn to the same remote area in west Texas where a plane has made a crash-landing. Robin’s husband was supposed to be on that plane, but missed his flight and is compelled to see it in person. Marissa’s husband was supposed to be camping in the area, but lied about his plans. And Autumn’s teenage daughter was supposed to be at a soccer tournament, but has runaway believing that her dead father is really alive. Each woman has something to hide. When their paths cross, they will be forced to face the truth they’ve been running from.


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After moving to a new city to forget a cheating boyfriend, Stacy is involved in a serious car accident. She survives with two broken legs, though the other driver does not. When Stacy leaves the hospital, roses begin appearing on her door step without a card. Are they from her cheating ex? Are they from her attentive new co-worker? Stacy should be concerned, but she doesn’t care about much these days. The survivor’s guilt and loneliness have pushed into a dark place. Out of boredom, she learns the roses have patented names that seem to string together a message. It’s enough to help Stacy out of her misery, but when she learns the identity of the rose bandit, will it push her deeper into depression or set her free?